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r.iconic melbourne feng shui

Superior Land Form

Facing the Yarra River in Melbourne, R.Iconic sits on superior Northern land form that enhance residents with powerful benefactor support, high net-worth connections as well as academic performance. Tapping on to the West Gate Fwy “Qi” towards the East, residents are enhanced with good financial opportunities and earning abilities. The entrance to the building is a crucial consideration when it comes to receiving positive energy known as “Qi”.

Melbourne Feng Shui

Prosperous Entrance Design

The entrance is carefully designed in specific facing direction to receive auspicious Qi energy into the building.

Individual Feng Shui Optimised Condo Design
Each condo unit is carefully designed based on classical Feng Shui principles to ensure there is no conflict of energy as well as creating harmony, prosperity and gracious energy to the residents.

About Kevin Foong Consulting Group
Master Kevin Foong is the Principal Consultant of Kevin Foong Consulting Pte Ltd, a global Feng Shui consulting firm that provide professional advisory and consultations to Fortune 500 companies, famous brands and individuals.

*R.Iconic photos credits to R.Corporation

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