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How to Achieve a Prosperous and Balanced Living Space with Classical Feng Shui in 6-12 Months

without Purchasing Expensive Feng Shui Products

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Are you facing these signs of bad Feng Shui at home?

Is your home in harmony with your life’s aspirations, or is it silently sabotaging your well-being and success?

When you encounter a sense of stagnation or overwhelm in any area of your life—be it finances, personal relationships, or health—the remedy might just be hidden in the Feng Shui of your living space.

Thus, understanding what exactly is considered bad Feng Shui is the first step to transforming your living space into a sanctuary of positive energy.

Well-being Woes

Does your home leave you feeling constantly unwell, battling headaches or chronic illnesses? This could be a manifestation of imbalanced energy flow, a clear sign your space needs Feng Shui realignment.

Wealth Hurdles

Are financial setbacks a common theme in your life? A home marred by negative Feng Shui can foster a scarcity mindset, leading to unexpected expenses and mounting debts.

Relational Discord

If your home is the battleground for constant disputes, its spatial arrangement might be straining your relationships, necessitating Feng Shui intervention.

Restless Slumber

Struggling with sleepless nights? Your bedroom’s adverse Feng Shui could be disrupting your sleep, impacting your overall health and daily effectiveness.

Security Threats

Homes with poor Feng Shui can attract unwelcome elements, from burglars to paranormal disturbances, compromising your living space’s safety and serenity.

Professional Plateau

Stuck in your career? Unfavourable Feng Shui in your home might be hindering your professional growth, causing stagnation and missed opportunities.

Emotional Turbulence

Experiencing heightened stress or anxiety? Negative energy accumulation due to suboptimal Feng Shui can adversely affect your mental health and overall happiness.

Legal Entanglements

Find yourself in frequent legal tussles? Your home’s Feng Shui could be attracting these predicaments, adding unnecessary stress to your life.

Learning Obstacles

If concentration and learning are challenges in your household, inadequate Feng Shui could obstruct academic progress for both children and adults.

Pervasive Discontent

Ultimately, living in a home with poor Feng Shui can lead to an overarching sense of dissatisfaction, affecting every aspect of your life.

No matter how long you’ve struggled with these challenges, our home feng shui services are meticulously designed to realign your living space and support your overall well-being, relationships, prosperity, and happiness.

Embark on a journey to prosperity and rejuvenation with our expert Feng Shui audit, and pave the way to a life of fulfilment and joy.

Why Kevin Foong Consulting Group is the Right Choice for Your Office Feng Shui


1) Look at Our Track Record

At the heart of our Consulting Group is Master Kevin Foong himself, a globally renowned Bazi and Feng Shui expert with an impressive 20-year track record.

His expertise, honed through extensive research and practice, spans a comprehensive range of Feng Shui principles and metaphysical disciplines, from San He Landforms to Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui and beyond.

As an esteemed mentor, Master Kevin shares his profound knowledge with over 1.2 million students and even Feng Shui masters across 18 countries and counting, shaping the future of Feng Shui and Bazi practice.


2) We Have Helped Clients From a Variety of Cultural Backgrounds

The essence of Feng Shui is universal, and at Kevin Foong Consulting Group, we celebrate this universality. Our clientele, diverse in ethnicity and nationality, share a common narrative of transformation after incorporating Feng Shui principles in their home.

Classical Feng Shui, as practised by Master Foong, transcends cultural barriers, offering solutions that resonate across a spectrum of cultural backgrounds.

This cross-cultural success underscores our belief that Feng Shui’s principles are not just an ancient practice but also adaptable and effective tools for contemporary living, offering solutions that resonate with people from all walks of life.


3) Clients Achieve a Harmonious Environment Regardless of External Factors

Aligning your home with the principles of Feng Shui transforms it. This change is not just in the physical space but in the very essence of daily living.

Our clients consistently report a newfound harmony in their homes, translating into improvements in their family’s health, strengthened relationships, and a surge in wealth and opportunities.

The impact extends to professional realms, too, with career advancements following suit. Quality sleep, heightened creativity, reduced stress, and an overall amplification of happiness become the norm.

Each home, touched by our Feng Shui expertise, turns into a sanctuary of wellness and prosperity for you and your family.

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Our On-Site Feng Shui Assessment for Businesses

Optional Step: If you haven’t yet decided on your residence, we highly recommend undergoing our Feng Shui House Selection service. This allows us to help you select a home that meets good Feng Shui requirements from the very start

Step 1: External Land Form Analysis

Your Feng Shui journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the external landform. This crucial analysis, accounting for 60% of your home’s Feng Shui energy, inspects the eight directional influences surrounding your residence.

From nearby roads and rivers to gardens and structural elements, every external factor is meticulously assessed for its impact on long-term Feng Shui prosperity.

Step 2: House Internal Environment Analysis

Next, we turn to the internal environment, which constitutes 40% of your Feng Shui vitality, to understand your home’s short-term energy dynamics.

We assess the negative energy within the home and diffuse it before scrutinising your home’s floor plan, especially in these key sectors:
During this step, we will also activate auspicious sectors within the home to attract wealth and career opportunities for the whole household.

Step 3: Detailed Feng Shui Recommendation Report

After our assessment, we will provide a detailed summary of Feng Shui tips and recommendations for aligning your home with the rhythms of prosperity and well-being.

This report will offer you insight in multiple areas, including:

Transformative Feng Shui: Real Homes, Real Results

Case Study 1: Mr. Kelvin Goh, Financial Service Director

Problem: Mr. Goh and his wife have had difficulty conceiving for 2-3 years, which, coupled with a plateau in his career, has been frustrating. Previous Feng Shui consultations, which focused on decor purchases, have yielded no results.

Services Provided: Home Feng Shui audit and Feng Shui house selection.


Case Study 2: Dr. Neo, Medical Doctor Specialist

Problem: Dr. Neo was experiencing a stagnant phase in both personal and professional life.

Services Provided: Name change and home Feng Shui audit.


Case Study 3: Mr. James See, Business Owner & Investor

Problem: Mr. See was facing stagnancy in his life and career, feeling unfulfilled.

Services Provided: Home Feng Shui audit.


Clients Testimonials

Are you ready to experience the transformative results of our expert Feng Shui consultations?

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