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How to Unlock Business Success and Promote a Harmonious Workplace with Classical Feng Shui

See Results in 1-2 Years Without Purchasing Any Expensive Feng Shui Products

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Crucial Signs Your Workplace Needs a Feng Shui Audit

Is your business’s full potential being blocked by something you can’t see?

Enter the world of Feng Shui, where the energy flow in your office could be the hidden key to unlocking success. Often overlooked, bad Feng Shui is a silent saboteur in many modern workplaces, quietly undermining productivity and growth.

Poor Employee Productivity and Morale

Blocked or stagnant energy flow can lead to unmotivated employees and reduced output, slowing down your business and affecting customer satisfaction.

Challenges in Attracting and Retaining Talent

A negatively energised environment may be driving potential stars away and pushing your current employees out the door, resulting in costly turnover and gaps in expertise.

Financial Losses and Stagnant Business Growth

Negative Feng Shui might be the unseen barrier to reaching financial goals, stifling opportunities for new clients, sales, and overall growth.

Negative Energy and Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict and tension among team members can escalate in a space plagued by bad Feng Shui, creating an unwelcoming and counterproductive work environment.

Health Issues Among Employees and Increased Absenteeism

A workspace misaligned with positive Feng Shui can manifest in physical and mental health woes, from headaches to stress, escalating absenteeism, and impacting the overall workflow and productivity.

Difficulty in Building a Positive Company Culture

A negative office environment, fueled by poor Feng Shui, breeds distrust, gossip, and a lack of unity, making it a challenge to foster a supportive and positive working environment.

Constant Equipment and Technology Problems

Unexplained glitches and breakdowns can be frustrating and costly, leading to work delays, missed deadlines, and mounting frustrations.

Stifled Creativity and Innovation

Is your innovation at a standstill? A workspace lacking in positive energy can suppress creativity, which is vital for keeping your business competitive and forward-thinking.

Difficulty Closing Deals and Generating Sales

If closing deals has become an uphill battle, it’s time to look at your office’s Feng Shui. When bad Feng Shui stifles creativity and teamwork, it will hamper your ability to generate sales and stay ahead in the market.

Lack of Reputation and Trust in Business

Worst of all, these Feng Shui-related issues can culminate in a tarnished business reputation, eroding customer trust and hampering effective internal collaboration.
Don’t let poor Feng Shui hold your business back. Identify these signs and take action with an in-depth Feng Shui audit of your commercial premise today!

Why Kevin Foong Consulting Group is the Right Choice for Your Office Feng Shui


1) Look at Our Track Record

At the heart of our Consulting Group is Master Kevin Foong himself, a globally renowned Bazi and Feng Shui master with an impressive 20-year track record. 

His expertise, honed through extensive research and practice, spans a comprehensive range of Feng Shui principles and metaphysical disciplines, from San He Landforms to Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui and beyond. As an esteemed mentor, Master Kevin shares his profound knowledge with over 1.2 million students and practitioners worldwide, shaping the future of Feng Shui and Bazi practice.

2) We Have Helped a Variety of Industries

The scope of our impact extends across industries, from innovative startups to established players in finance and healthcare.

Master Kevin’s high-profile clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, corporate leaders, celebrities, and professionals, all testifying to his adeptness in navigating the unique challenges of various business environments while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.


3) Clients Get Results Regardless of External Factors

We create environments that enhance employee well-being, reduce turnover, and foster better client relations – all contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Our approach to Feng Shui helps businesses make insightful decisions, adapt to market changes, and thrive even in challenging economic times, as evidenced by our clients’ resilience during events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our On-Site Feng Shui Assessment for Businesses


Step 1: Initial On-Site Assessment

Master Kevin begins with a comprehensive on-site assessment to identify and diffuse negative energies within the office space. This crucial first step sets the foundation for the entire Feng Shui enhancement process.

During this office assessment, he focuses on several crucial factors:
While the process is similar, the focus will be shifted according to the specific commercial ventures:

Step 2: Detailed Recommendation Report

Within 5-7 business days post-assessment, Master Kevin provides a detailed summary of recommendations, guiding the business through the necessary changes to enhance the office’s Feng Shui.

Some of the details in the report will include:

Step 3: Follow-Up Verification Visit

A second visit by Master Kevin (for new offices that is yet to be renovated) ensures that all recommended Feng Shui enhancements have been properly implemented. This step verifies the significant improvement in the office’s Feng Shui, solidifying the effectiveness of the entire process.

How We've Helped Our Clients Optimise Energy Flow, Improve Sales Opportunities and Boost Productivity

Case Study 1: W Capital Markets (Investment Banking)

W Capital Markets is a prominent investment banking firm specialising in M&As, IPOs, and wealth advisory, focusing on mid-cap companies in the Asia Pacific. The firm aims to be a premier corporate finance powerhouse internationally.


Being a new company, W Capital Markets faced the challenge of rapid growth and the need to establish a strong performance track record with supportive clients.

Results After Engaging Us

W Capital Markets now boasts a team of reputable investment bankers and distinguished directors and shareholders, including Nanshan Group, which is the second-largest shareholder. The firm is on its path to becoming an international financial group recognised across key financial centres.

Case Study 2: Mighty Jaxx (Design & Manufacturing)

Founded by serial entrepreneur Jackson Aw, Mighty Jaxx is a design and manufacturing company that started from a modest loan of $20,000 from his parents.

He first consulted us for a Bazi Reading on initial business planning, followed by Feng Shui optimisation for office headquarters and the client’s home.


As a new company, Mighty Jaxx needed to grow rapidly and establish a strong performance and client base from its inception.

Results After Engaging Us

Mighty Jaxx is now valued at over $200 million and has expanded partnerships with global brands, such as Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, Warner Brothers’ DC Comics and Formula 1.

Case Study 3: Interior Design Firm

The client is an interior design firm initially based in Paya Lebar. They sought Feng Shui services for their first office and, later, for the owner’s condominium.


As a new entity, the firm needed to accelerate its growth and establish a solid performance record in a competitive market.

Results After Engaging Us

Since the Feng Shui intervention, the firm has expanded impressively, now operating out of three showroom locations, indicating significant business growth and client appeal.

Case Study 4: Banking and Finance Corporation

A leading entity in the banking and finance sector approached us for a comprehensive Feng Shui audit coinciding with their headquarters move and renovation.


The primary challenge was reversing the trend of revenue slowdown for two consecutive years and improving overall performance.

Results After Engaging Us

The client witnessed a remarkable 19% increase in revenue, amounting to a $15 billion rise, underscoring the impactful role of our classical approach to Feng Shui in business rejuvenation without unnecessary Feng Shui products.

Are you ready to join the ranks of those who have chosen success and prosperity?

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