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BaZi calculator, also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny calculator, is a tool that is used to generate a person’s BaZi chart based on their birthdate and time. BaZi is an ancient Chinese astrology system that can be used to provide insight into a person’s character, strengths, weaknesses, and future opportunities.

The top benefit of a BaZi calculator is that it can provide you with a personalized BaZi chart, which can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path. By analyzing the various elements and components of your BaZi chart, you can gain insights into your personality traits, career prospects, relationship dynamics, and health tendencies.

BaZi can also help you make important life decisions by providing you with guidance and direction based on your unique chart. For example, if your chart suggests that you have a talent for business, you may want to consider pursuing an entrepreneurial career path. Similarly, if your chart indicates that you are prone to health issues, you may want to take extra care of yourself and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the top benefit of a BaZi calculator is that it can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path, which can lead to greater personal fulfillment and success.

Bazi calculator calculates your Bazi chart based on your English birth date and gender. Bazi 八字 means eight characters in Chinese that is generated based on two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to the birth year, month, day and hour. It is also commonly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. The systems of Bazi analysis was by Xu Zi Ping, otherwise known as Zi Ping Bazi 子平八字 .

How to read Bazi?


There are many ways for Bazi reading. Some are based on the determination of the strength of the day master and balancing them. Other methods involve regulating the Bazi element based on hot and cold charts. There is also the methodology of reading through auxiliary stars of Shen Sha. Others may be through a Bazi structure and analyse what is required for break through. The accuracy will be based on the level of research and proficiency of the Bazi practitioner. A good Bazi practitioner should be able to get the Bazi reading accuracy as high as 95% in past event reading. 

Your Bazi Daymaster

In BaZi, there are ten different Daymasters which is found on the Heavenly Stem Day Pillar. Each Daymaster represents a different element and has its own characteristics and strengths. The daymaster is not 100 percent representation of a person characteristic and strength, one would have to study the Bazi chart in totality of the interaction of all others year, month and hour pillar elements and branches. For a start, the ten Daymasters are:

  1. 甲 Jia (Yang Wood): Represents growth, creativity, and flexibility. People with this Daymaster tend to be resourceful and adaptable.
  2. 乙 Yi (Yin Wood): Represents intelligence, empathy, and diplomacy. People with this Daymaster tend to be good communicators and peacemakers.
  3. 丙 Bing (Yang Fire): Represents passion, energy, and charisma. People with this Daymaster tend to be dynamic and driven.
  4. 丁 Ding (Yin Fire): Represents leadership, authority, and strength. People with this Daymaster tend to be confident and decisive.
  5. 戊 Wu (Yang Earth): Represents stability, practicality, and reliability. People with this Daymaster tend to be grounded and dependable.
  6. 己 Ji (Yin Earth): Represents discipline, responsibility, and organization. People with this Daymaster tend to be hardworking and structured.
  7. 庚 Geng (Yang Metal): Represents power, authority, and ambition. People with this Daymaster tend to be determined and focused.
  8. 辛 Xin (Yin Metal): Represents intuition, sensitivity, and creativity. People with this Daymaster tend to be imaginative and intuitive.
  9. 壬 Ren (Yang Water): Represents adaptability, flexibility, and sensitivity. People with this Daymaster tend to be empathetic and perceptive.
  10. 癸 Gui (Yin Water): Represents wisdom, insight, and intuition. People with this Daymaster tend to be analytical and reflective.

How Can I Calculate My Bazi Chart?


You can calculate your Bazi destiny chart using your English Gregorian calendar date of birth and time. The Bazi systems is based on the 24 solar terms of the Earth position rotating around the Sun, so when one want to read their Bazi, it should be based on the solar time of your birth and country that you are born.

Our Bazi calculator has the feature inbuilt to calculate your Bazi local time converted from various GMT. You can use the Bazi Calculator here with the solar time conversion feature. Do not use your Chinese lunar birth date to calculate your Bazi

In Your Bazi chart, the day heavenly stem – the Daymaster, is the critical reference point you should pay attention to, as this is equivalent to the western astrology sign. The Bazi Daymaster would be one of the ten heavenly stems derived from Yang or Yin’s five elements. The Bazi five elements are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. A full Bazi chart comprises of heavenly stems, earthly branches, and hidden stems.



Calculate Your Bazi Luck Cycle

The Bazi chart allows us to read into a person’s mindset, behaviour, thoughts system, characteristics, strength, weakness, health status, and relationships with all their six kinships. The Bazi luck cycle answers all the timeline questions. When we ask about a career change or considerable changes in our life, the ten years Bazi luck cycle is the key. We will also have to analyze the interaction of the ten years luck cycle with the annual year and match it back to the user Bazi natal chart. We must be able to read interaction down to current annual, month, day, and hour pillars. Our free Bazi calculator can dive deeper by clicking on the ten years luck cycle. You can zoom into the annual year, month, days and down to the hour pillar.



Bazi is a subset of the Five Arts 五术

The study of Chinese Metaphysics are mainly governed by the five central systems that is known as the Five Arts 五术. Every system has its unique application and understanding. The key is to balance the Yin and Yang energy, ultimately harmonizing a balancing effect. The five studies are Mountain 山 , Life 命, Divination 扑, Medicine 医 and Physiognomy 相. Bazi reading and analysis fall under the Life Art within the Five Art.

The art of the Mountain is forming the connection and harnessing the energy between nature and man. Thousand years ago, people ventured into Wu Dang Mountain or Shaolin Temple in the Mountain to master the art of self-meditation, Qi Gong, and martial art. The research is dedicated to self-cultivation.

The art of Life is the study of the destiny analysis system. The system is through precise calculation of the position of the sun, earth, moon, planets, and stars. These are knowledge known as Bazi 八字 or The Four Pillars of Destiny 四柱八字 and The Purple Star Astrology. 紫微斗数. In the western part of the world, the practitioner would use the sun sign astrology, while Vedic astrology remains vastly popular in India.

The art of divination is based on the analysis of star position. Its usage is to be able to forecast and predict events based on the current timeline. Commonly used knowledge in this practice is Yi Jing 易经, Plum Blossom 梅花易数, and Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲. We can make a different decision that shapes the intended outcome through divination.

The art of medicine is the art of working with the human body and healing. The body’s major organs are represented by the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. One can lead a healthy life by understanding how to balance the elements within the human body. This is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in today’s practices.

The art of Physiognomy is the study of all forms and shapes. Through the knowledge of palmistry, face reading, Chinese name, and Feng Shui, these system is geared towards dissecting various information from what the human eye can see. Each has its own set of solutions in balancing the five elements. The correct Chinese name characters must match one’s Bazi through the interaction of the five elements. Similarly, balancing the Qi flow energy of Feng Shui can significantly influence their career, relationships, and health quality of Life.

Bazi and Feng Shui – How Does It Work?


Bazi reading allows us to analyze our destiny and make well-informed decisions. However, we cannot change the cards we are dealt with, just as you cannot change your date of birth and time. Thus, the critical solution is to pay careful attention to your Feng Shui at home. Every problem that derives from your Bazi is ultimately also supported by the Feng Shui of the house. In short, if you have lost your job or cannot perform well in your career. We can almost ascertain 100% that the North West direction of the house that you are residing in has a Feng Shui problem. Therefore, it is paramount to look into your house Feng Shui when you encounter pressing issues in your Life. Bazi is used as a diagnostic tool to check for problems, and Feng Shui is the solution for the problem. This knowledge should be used hand in hand.

When the house doesn’t have a Feng Shui issue, even if we were to analyze there can be a problem based on the Bazi of the person, the situation should be mitigated and not worsen. When you only study your Bazi, but you have zero changes in your house Feng Shui, the problem will usually stay there.

You probably have seen how some people move to a new house, and their Life start to experience massive changes. They become financially well off in a short amount of time. Relationships with their spouse improve tremendously when previously rocky. Why is that so? Your house Feng Shui dramatically influences how you make decisions in your Life. By partnering with the right people and being supported by good companies. Every right decision you make, the trajectory of your life change for the better.

You can access the Free Bazi Calculator here.



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