Units selection - Selecting the best place before you purchase or rent is the most crucial part of Feng Shui, since this affect the long term energy of the place. This governs 60% of the energy. This process is known as Emperor land form selection. We research based on all the 8 directions externally outside your house, roads, rivers, religious area, hospital, elevation to determine auspiciousness of the plan. Ultimately, once you reside in the right Feng Shui that is meant for long term stay, you will feel the effect benefiting you from 4-6 weeks onward.

House Audit - In the event, you have already purchased or commit to rent the place, then we can focus on the house internal Feng Shui. This governs 40% of the energy of the house. From the flow of your house internal energy, to the stove, bed, study area, it must be carefully selected and planned. You can select HDB & condo Feng Shui audit services from our senior consultants which are personally trained by Master Kevin or you can opt for Master Kevin personally. (Master Kevin schedule is usually fully booked 4 weeks in advance, please make your appointment early). For urgent request, please write in to us at info@kevinfoongcg.com where we can try our best to arrange for a schedule swap with an existing client. 

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