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Feng Shui Consultation (Online)

Discover Your Path to Harmony and Success with the Power of Ancient Wisdom, Seamlessly Integrated with Modern Convenience

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and auspicious beginnings from the comfort of your home.

Our online consultations in Bazi, Date Selection, and Name Selection offer personalized insights and guidance to align your life with the cosmic rhythm.

Whether you’re seeking clarity about your personal destiny, choosing the perfect moment for your special occasions, or selecting a name that resonates with success, our expert off-site consultations are here to guide you.

Illuminate your path forward by booking your online Feng Shui consultation today!

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Online Feng Shui Services


Our Bazi consultation provides an in-depth look into your personal characteristics, life potential, and destiny path using your birth details. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, and the opportune moments in your life for making crucial decisions.

Live Bazi Consultation with Master Kevin Foong


Bazi Online Consultation with Senior Consultant


Name Selection

A name is more than an identity; it’s a bearer of fortune and fate. Choose a harmonious and prosperous name for yourself or your child, meticulously crafted to enhance opportunities, successes and overall well-being.

Baby Chinese Name Selection


Adult Chinese Name Selection


English Name Selection


Date Selection

Featuring the classical Feng Shui approach, our experts analyse various factors to determine the best dates with maximum positive energy flow for your significant events.

Caesarian Birth Date Selection


Wedding Date Selection


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Meet Our Feng Shui Consultants

Our team, led by Master Kevin Foong, is committed to unlocking potential and guiding clients towards success and harmony.


Master Kevin Foong

Principal Consultant

Meet Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸), our principal Feng Shui consultant and a name synonymous with the pinnacle of Feng Shui and Bazi consultation.

With over 20 years of dedicated research, his expertise as a Feng Shui practitioner showcases a profound understanding of both traditional and modern metaphysical practice, encompassing San He Landforms Feng Shui (三合地理风水), San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲), Bazi Destiny Analysis (八字命理), Purple Star Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数)and beyond.

Furthermore, as the founder of Singapore’s leading Chinese Metaphysics academy, Master Kevin’s influence extends far beyond personal consultations.

With a following of 1.2 million students worldwide, he spearheads Feng Shui seminars and online courses that draw Feng Shui practitioners globally, disseminating advanced metaphysical knowledge and best practices in over 18 countries.


Master Chun Kan (CK)

Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Key services: Bazi analysis, baby name selection, house Feng Shui

Inspired by metaphysics books from a young age, Master CK honed his skills under Master Kevin’s mentorship in 2008, allowing him to unlock his full potential in analyzing Bazi and mastering the art of classical Feng Shui.

Specializing in San Yuan Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia, he brings depth to his practice with his expertise in San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star, San He Land Form, divination and internal Qi tapping.

He is also an exceptional speaker, having delivered engaging talks at annual Feng Shui events. Since 2014, Master CK has been an instructor at Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass, where he continues to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with students.



Master Michael Teo

Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Key services: Bazi analysis, baby name selection, house Feng Shui

With a passion for Chinese Metaphysics kindled in youth, Master Michael’s journey led him to train under Master Kevin in Bazi and Feng Shui after their meeting in 2004.

He has also trained under renowned masters in Singapore and India, forming a diverse background of over 10 years in healing and yoga, complemented by training in Bazi analysis, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Feng Shui assessment.

Since 2014, Master Michael has been invited to instruct Bazi analysis at Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass, a testament to his expertise and knowledge in the field.

Feng Shui Master Wee Koon

Master Teo Wee Koon

Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Key services: Bazi analysis, baby name selection, house Feng Shui

Master Teo is an experienced practitioner in distance healing and yoga, having studied yoga under Sadhguru for several years.

In 2006, Master Teo ventured into Chinese Metaphysics under Master Kevin’s guidance, learning the intricacies of Bazi analysis, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Vedic astrology, and classical Feng Shui. With over a decade of experience in the field, Master Teo has been a valuable asset in completing numerous projects for various clients since 2010.

He is also an invited Bazi analysis instructor at Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass since 2014, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with students.

Other Services You May Be Interested In

Residential Feng Shui


Transform your living space into a sanctuary of balance and harmony with our Residential Feng Shui Services. We assess various aspects like external features, the positioning of key areas, the flow of Qi, the compass reading of your main entrance and the overall alignment of the floor plan with you and your family members’ Bazi.

Whether you are moving into a new house, renovating your existing property, or simply looking to enhance the energy of your home, our tailored approach ensures a living environment that supports your well-being, nurtures your relationships and boosts prosperity.

Business Feng Shui

office feng shui singapore

Guided by Master Kevin Foong’s extensive experience in Feng Shui and Bazi, our team offers strategic on-site consultations to optimize your business property, ensuring that the energy of your workspace directly impacts productivity, employee well-being, and, ultimately, your business success.

From office layouts and staff positioning to selecting auspicious dates for important events and decisions, we cover all aspects to ensure a prosperous business flow. Empower your business environment with our Business Feng Shui Services today!


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