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Discover the Power Hidden in a Name

Are you seeking a personal transformation, a rebirth through a lucky name that aligns perfectly with your unique energies and ambitions?

At Kevin Foong Consulting Group, we don’t just select names; we craft destinies. With our bespoke Chinese Name Selection service, we delve deep into the art and science of Bazi destiny chart analysis.

Imagine the doors that could open when every introduction, handshake, and name call resonates with the power of prosperity and positivity. This is what we offer – a name that’s not just memorable but truly transformative.

With Kevin Foong’s expertise, backed by years of expertise and global recognition, your new name is more than a change – it’s a revolution.

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How We Craft Feng Shui Names to Attract Positive Energy

With our unique Chinese Name Selection service, we go beyond mere auspicious characters.

We dive into the harmonious resonance that your life’s story deserves, amplifying your personal strengths and aligning your path with the stars.

Our approach is nuanced and sophisticated, far beyond the simplistic addition of elements: we carefully blend your Ba zi (八字, also known as “Eight Characters” or “Four Pillars of Destiny”) destiny chart with the unique elements of your surname, middle, and last name.

For instance, if your Bazi name analysis shows that your name lacks fire out of the five elements, we don’t just arbitrarily add ‘fire’ characters to your name. That could spell disaster rather than success.

Furthermore, you may have heard that a ‘good’ Chinese name has a limited amount of strokes in order to be meaningful. However, the total strokes of a Chinese character are the least of the focus in our Chinese metaphysics research work as they barely affect luck.

Instead, we employ a complex and tedious process that meticulously examines the nature of your Chinese zodiac sign, integrating auspicious Chinese characters that bolster your luck in precisely the areas you need it most.

So, choose a name that doesn’t just exist but thrives and brings prosperity at every turn. Choose our Chinese Name Selection service – the key to helping you unlock a life of harmony and abundance.

Benefits of Auspicious Chinese Name Selection for Adults

auspicious chinese name

At the heart of our service is a deep understanding that a name is a living, breathing part of your identity, intricately tied to your fate and fortune.

This art of naming is not just about compatibility; it’s a transformative process that can enrich one’s career, wealth, personal relationships, health, and overall well-being:

The wrong name can cast a shadow on these vital life areas, while the right one illuminates a person’s life with the light of prosperity.

Experience the transformation that a perfectly aligned name can bring with Kevin Foong today!

2 Easy Steps to Your Auspicious Chinese Name

Step 1: Preparation

To begin the journey towards your new auspicious name, please prepare the following information:

Step 2: Receive Your Personalised Results

Upon completing your payment, you can expect to receive your personalised package within 5 working days. This package includes:

About Kevin Foong Consulting Group

feng shui grand master

Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸) stands as a global authority in Feng Shui and Bazi, renowned for his profound expertise and dynamic presentations.

With two decades of dedicated research in diverse Feng Shui and metaphysical disciplines, Kevin’s mastery extends from traditional San He and Xuan Kong systems to Bazi analysis and beyond.

Annually, he captivates over one million people across 18 countries with his insights on Feng Shui and Entrepreneurship, while his seminars draw Feng Shui enthusiasts and professionals worldwide for advanced knowledge and best practices.

Globally-recognised Track Record

His commitment to Chinese metaphysics, coupled with a high-profile clientele of multinational corporations, celebrities, and dignitaries, underscores his dedication to confidentiality and professionalism in every consultation.

Master Kevin Foong’s journey is not just one of success, but of passion and dedication to the art of Feng Shui and Bazi, making him a celebrated figure in the global metaphysical community.

Looking for auspicious Chinese baby name selection services instead?

good baby chinese name

Give your child a head start to his or her life with our Baby Chinese Name Selection service!

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