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Dr Neo – Medical Doctor Specialist


Mr Kelvin Goh – Financial Service Director



Mr James See – Business Owner & Investor



Miss Judith – Business Owner


We first engaged Master Kevin to do an internal audit of our condominium in 2016. Following his advice for our renovation and placement of bedrooms and study area, it has been a smooth 4 years living there. When we were ready to move to a bigger place in August 2020, we engaged Master Kevin to help us with our new house selection. Being new to the process of fengshui house selection, our initial few choices were not rated well and Master Kevin took the time and effort to make sure that we did not rush into getting a place that was not ideal, even when we really liked the house. At times, when we needed to make a quick decision, Master Kevin was always prompt to respond with his analysis. After more than 2 months of constant searching and many choices being eliminated, we finally found a place we love, with a good score for a long-term stay. We will also be engaging Master Kevin again to do the internal audit of our new home.

– Ethan & Melanie


Most thankful to Ms Judith Eugenio for introducing Master Kevin Foong to me. I took up most of his classes held in Manila, particularly Bazi (Yin Yang & Advanced – for Heaven Luck), Feng Shui (Xuan Kong & San He – for Earth Luck), and Qi Men Dun Jia (for Man Luck) – and it was all worth it. I truly respect and admire his unrelenting pursuit to seek knowledge (yes, we, his students, all know he studied from different masters too) and teach the art (even after all classes are over and done with, we still continue to learn from him through his no-cost private-students online active groups), his unabashed way of sharing to his students his personal life experiences (he personally tested theories to himself, then sifts through what actually works), his passionate way of uplifting everyone in the room (he spends a lot of time acknowledging personal concerns of students during classes, patiently addressing all our individual “side-questions”), his candor and willingness to help (master-student relationship does not end after class — when I need his advice, he is always just a message away). I could go on and on… Master Kevins teachings of metaphysics has helped me understand and handle/accept things that has been happening in my life. For those, like me, who have been searching for answers to all the WHYs and the HOWs, I highly recommend Kevin Foong – a truly remarkable and inspiring person, and an excellent Master of Chinese Metaphysics.
– Mayette Delfin (Hotel Director)

I found Master Kevin Foong by chance at a feng shui seminar. Had invited him for our office audit after we saw that he has been featured in Straits Times, Channel News Asia. He is a very friendly master and never suggest us to buy feng shui product which I typically shunned away from. We see good sales result after 2 months of implementation. He focus on our seating table arrangement and main door position. I highly recommend Master Kevin Foong for those seeking classical feng shui master!
Johnson Tan

If you are looking for a Master who teaches from the heart.. I strongly recommends Master Kevin Foong???? A master who imparts his knowledge to his students without reservations. Anyone can teach but not all can bring the message across.. Master Kevin Foong can because he loves what hes doing.
– Marie Foo

Master Kevin is very knowledgeable with Feng Shui and spent long hours sitting down with me and going around my home and office during consultation. I would recommend that you all should give Kevin a try and for sure there will be POSITIVE changes in your lives!!! Thank you very much Kevin!!!
– Daniel Song

I chanced upon Master Kevin Foong in 2014 and purchased a two-year Bazi report without much hesitation, thinking since is a new year, so why not. The report came quickly, I had it read couple of times and did not think much about it after that. A year later, something prompted me to search for the report and I read it again. Totally surprised by the many spot-on which I had doubted them when I first read it. It was through this that I gained confidence in Bazi Destiny and Master Kevin Foongs expertise. Feeling the need to know more about Bazi, I proceeded to take up the three levels of Bazi classes (Foundation to Mastery) with Master Kevin Foong. His classes are very enriching. The case study approach helped alot in my understanding and my ability to apply. Master Kevin Foong is dedicating to his students and continues to coach us even after completion of his classes. He is definitely my mentor in my Bazi Destiny journey and my path to success. Thank you Master Kevin Foong and looking forward to many more classes with you!
– Yvonne Wu

Kevin was most helpful in providing tips on fengshui for my establishment which I believe slowly but surely helped business. For my bazi reading, Kevins analysis was detailed and pretty much spot on for my past and I believe for my future too. Service was also prompt and Kevin doesnt sell artifacts or talismans so theres no hidden or additional costs. Theres no mumbo jumbo just straightforward simple theory. Good job!
– John Chan (Tomahawk Contemporary Steakhouse)

Ive seen and worked alongside many Feng Shui experts in my time, as I travel the World speaking on stages with up to 5000 people teaching Internet Marketing. Having known of Kevin Foong for quite a while, plus having worked on stage with him, I realise he truly knows what hes on about. Hes very thorough and easy to understand, hes done a LOT of trainings, workshops, consultations and worked with thousands of clients and students from all over the World. There are quite a few practising Feng Shui practitioners who are much “older” than Master Kevin (in age), but I havent seen them work or explain things as effectively and/or get the results hes achieving and predicting. If there were 6 stars for this review Id be pressing the 6th star – Kevin to me is excellent!
– David Cavanagh – Internet Marketing Expert

Had consulted Master Kevin for our new house audit and bazi reading. Have to say he is really accurate with the prediction as what he said of our past. Its hard to believe, but after we moved in to our new house for 8 months, I got an overseas offer for almost two times of my pay! Maybe coincident, but he is now one of our trusted master that we go to.
Patrick Tan

Learning Fengshui and Bazi helped me a lot in choosing my employees in my clinic also in choosing colleagues and partners I would work well with. I was also able to help my family members in their career and personal life..It is an amazing tool to use .. It prepares me for things to come including Future investments and best days for me to perform delicate procedures in my clinic or make important transactions. It greatly improved my working environment so it generally Improved my income and gave me a better working happy environment. Kevin is an amazing teacher.. He is brilliant. I am a Physician and I attended so many classes both in my field if expertise and Metaphysics ..and I can say He has this excellent teaching skill to make sure every student understand his lectures very well. In addition to that, he makes our classes happy and light since he has a warm personality and good sense of humour too.. Just like our miss Universe.. He is a Fengshui Master with a HEART. ???? Marie Olivia M. Mendoza M.D. FPDS
Dr Marie Olivia – Medical Doctor


You cant miss the Bazi Practitioner class! If you want to have a deeper understanding of how events turn out in life, how you can maximize your potential and optimize your opportunities, learn from the Master. Let me tell you the things that make Master Kevin Foong unique as a Bazi teacher: ONCE HE BECOMES YOUR TEACHER, HE WILL BE YOUR MENTOR FOREVER. He GENUINELY wants his students to learn. He explains and teaches the lessons PASSIONATELY. He speaks from his own experiences. He will explore with you all the possible answers until you understand them. Post-classes are also available where you can join an EXCLUSIVE GROUP of Bazi practitioners under Master Kevins guidance, a big bonus to the enrollee for the lessons and the teachings do not just end in the classroom. This could be a life changing opportunity for you, join this class and see yourself and the people around you in a different perspective!
Dazl Silverio – Business Owner

In order to know what lies ahead, we have to ask an experienced person. If not for the fisherman to guide us, how can we see the great waves of the ocean. Thank you master for enlightening me n showing me the breakthrough that no amount of book reading over the years has done for me. Thank you for the support group you have put up to further enchance our knowledge
Sandra Lao – Business Owner


Mastering this course teaches us how to read the story of our own life from cover to cover. With the help and guidance of a great teacher Master Kevin Foong who patiently and repeatedly explain to us the technique on how to read it accurately .
Gretchen Marie Ladia – Business Owner


Master Kevin Foong I cannot stress enough how learning from you changed my life. You are a blessing to me and to all your students. My learning curve just shoot up after getting that first one on one class with you in Singapore. Then I realized, why not bring you to the Philippines. Because just like me, a lot are still looking for a good teacher and mentor. I am so proud of knowing you. People ask me, what made me decide to learn and continually learn from you, I told them that I am one of your success stories”. When I met you in the year of the horse (2014), I just knew deep in my heart that my luck was changing. And I pray for your good health so you will be able to help and blessed more people. You are God send. Never get tired of teaching because thats what you do best. 
Judith Jade Ballesteros Eugenio – Business Owner

I am so grateful that i have attended Master Kevin Foongs Bazi and Feng Shui Course. Now, I have deeper comprehension of the events that happened in the past and foreseen the future events. I have learned to control my life, family, business, wealth and health as well. Life has become easier to deal with since then. Just like a miracle. Thank you Master Kevin for sharing your knowledge. Your skill of teaching was excellent.
Nits Jasmin Ogawa – Business Owner

Bazi course taught by Master Kevin Foong opens our eyes as to how fast & easy we could master & enjoy ou life/destiny. Step-by-step formula of his bazi course is as easy as 1+1=2. It is a metaphysics made simpler & easier for all to learn. We continue to polish our skill in analysing Bazi with active group discussion & continuous support from Master Kevin Foong. this is awesome. Thanks Master for your guidance & willingness to be our lifetime mentor
PooChyn Low – Business Owner


Its an amazing class!!! You guys should enroll and learn from Master Kevin Foong. He isnt just a teacher but reliable mentor as well. Take it from me. Thank you master for sharing this precious knowledge. Please comeback to the Philippines teach us more.
Meriam Siega Solon – Business Owner


This is a class that everyone ought to attend! I am so amazed that just after 2 days of lessons with Master Kevin, now I am able to read bazi and try to foresee whats ahead and understand the reason why it happens! Start taking control of your own life. With determination & Master Kevin guidance & motivation , nothing is impossible! Thanks master kevin, i will be joining your next class on Fengshui!
Moon Aung – Business Owner


1st of all, I would really like to thanks Master Kevin Foong conducted this practitioner bazi course in order to let me have an opportunity to learn and understand my bazi chart. Master Kevin are an awesome mentor, he is approachable, full of patient and knowledgeable master. This is indeed an amazing course you are not to be missed. From the course, let me understand that everything happens for a reason and how to use the chart to maximise the inherent potential. I definitely look forward for the coming mastery course to learn more from him to read the events that will happen in future.
Angeline Chong


Studying Bazi opened my eyes to the bigger picture of how we can control our future, and confirmed what my mind has been telling me intuitively. Master Kevin Foong has taught Bazi as effortlessly possible, putting it into the simplest terms that he can so his students will be able to grasp Bazi immediately. I thank God that I was given this learning opportunity from a great teacher that Master Kevin is. As it is often said, when a student is ready, the master appears. 😉
Dr Liza Marie Paz-Tan


Its nice to see Master Kevin Foong teaching bazi again! I have inherited a lot of good knowledge in the bazi lesson and have never look back since. This bazi course has given me an insight and understanding of any charts, to maximize chart potential and many more. I am very grateful to Master Kevin Foong for his generous teachings and support. It wasnt easy to find a good master who is willing to impart and patient in teaching!
Neo Hao

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