Bazi and Four Pillar of Destiny Masterclass

Ancient Chinese scholars devised a method of reading the life of a person from his birth Year, Month, Day, and Hour. This information is displayed in the form of four columns each consisting of two characters. Each column is called a Pillar. The four pillars together will contain eight characters. This method of Life Reading is called “The Four Pillars of Destiny” or simply “The Eight Characters” known as BaZi.

Ancient Chinese used the combinations of two sets of words to denote time. Based on the date of birth and time, there is altogether a total of 8 Chinese Characters, commonly known as BaZi.

It is divided into the Ten Heavenly Stems which comprises of Yin and Yang components of the Five elections: Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire , Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water, Yin Water.

The second row is known as the Earthly Branch which has a total of twelve. Using animal symbols to represent them, they are part of the twelve animals Zodiac sign which comprises of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

During the Song Dynasty, a person by the name of Xu Zi Ping derives a method of reading fortune, this was later documented as Zi Ping Ba Zi.


For those that may have studied Bazi or Four Pillar of Destiny before, please do the check list to see if you are able to do the following:

  • What is the fastest route for this person to earn money?
  • Which year, month or day a person will receive money?
  • Which year, month or day a person will possibly lose money or have expenses?
  • Can you predict exactly which year a person will have accident, and which month?
  • Can you see if a person have good superior or boss luck?
  • Is this person better working in his home country or overseas?
  • Should this person be a business owner or should he work for others?
  • Which part of the body has illness, which month will the illness trigger?
  • If a person break his leg, can you predict which leg is likely to be?
  • When will a person receives big support in his life? Which year and month?
  • When will petty people come to your life? Which year and month?
  • Can you tell which year a lady have higher chance of conceiving?
  • Can you tell if a person can or cannot conceive just from the chart?
  • Are you able to 100% read a chart strength every single time if this is a weak, strong, follower or vibrant chart?
  • When will a chart be transformed?
  • Do you know when does the annual Qi (eg, 2016 Bing Shen start and when it stopped?
  • When will a person divorced?
  • Can you tell who is giving stress to his person? Father, Mother, Spouse, Sibling?
  • Can you tell who is supporting this person? Father, Mother, Spouse, Sibling?
  • Is this person able to receive good help from his employees?
  • When will the person experience a legal lawsuit?
  • When can the person sue back in his advantage?
  • Just from knowing a person year pillar, how do you know if this person is compatible with your Bazi chart?If you cannot get at least 80% of answers to the above question, you have not truly master the knowledge of Yin Yang Bazi Mastery.

In learning the Bazi course, we can analyse everything you need to know about a person from:

  • Characteristic
  • Weakness and Strength
  • Mindset
  • Relationship with Spouse, Children and Parents
  • Capacity of wealth in their life
  • Noble life or going through challenges
  • Good or bad luck cycle
  • Prediction of daily events
  • Legal issues
  • Help from nobleman
  • Getting wealth opportunities
  • Avoiding disasters and bad event

Bazi Wealth Mastery Singapore by Master Kevin Foong

Bazi Wealth MasteryBazi Wealth Mastery Live in KL

Bazi Wealth Mastery Live in Singapore by Master Kevin Foong

We have conducted our flagship Yin Yang BaZi course for more than thousands of students worldwide for both practitioners and normal users that utilise this system to guide their path to success. The closely guarded secret from the Taiwanese lineage of event reading through BaZi and Four Pillar of Destiny is taught on the Mastery BaZi class.  Beginners with no knowledge of Bazi is taught with a step by step methodology so you can read a Bazi chart perfectly in no time. Master Kevin Foong truly believes if you know your own destiny, you can steer yourself in success in the path of least resistance. Imagine yourself having the knowledge to know what will actually happen to you every day, you will be able to score for maximum success!

Using just purely BaZi and classical Feng Shui techniques, Kevin Foong is a live example of turning his start-ups into a multi-million business at age of 28 and awarded Top 40 under Forty in Asia along with other entrepreneur awards and accolades. Hear it from our students directly and see how you can benefit from achieving this knowledge that is only previously accessible by Emperor astrologers in the past.


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