The Bazi of Taiwanese Top Entertainer Chu Ko-liang

TAIPEI – Legendary Taiwanese entertainer Chu Ko-liang, whose variety show videotapes in the 1980s brought him fame in the Hokkien-speaking world, died in hospital on Monday (May 15), said Apple Daily. He was 70.

He died in his sleep at National Taiwan University Hospital, where he had been warded since March, said the report. The causes of death were cancer – which had spread from the colon to the abdominal cavity, lungs and liver – and liver failure, said the hospital.

Looking at the Bazi chart of Chu Ko Liang born in 5 December 1946 below. He is a Gui daymaster. There are clearly two 7 Killing stars inside his chart, one being Ji Earth and the other is Chou Earth. The earth element also governs the stomach and colon related health problem. While the 7 Killing star can be a beneficial star playing the role of an officer star dealing with management and authority, it should also be read as a potential health issue. This is one of the core reason, i don’t usually select a newborn Bazi Cesarean date that contains a 7K star in the Bazi chart, as I don’t want the child to have potential illness and sickness deriving from the star. Of course, having a Resource star that flows well in the chart makes a whole world of difference.



The bazi chart above is generated by our free bazi calculator.

His Rob Wealth star in the chart is a great star that represent his ability of income deriving from business or investment. At his peak of his career, he was reportedly earning S$300,000 a month.

The Resource star that governs wisdom and wealth management skill is lacking in the chart (although it could have appeared in his hourly pillar which we do not have his time of birth for assessment.) In the year 1993, he went into hiding after gotten into gambling debt of more than $33 million USD. Looking at the luck pillar back then, it was at Jia Chen. Note how the Chen Earth will get rid of the Hai Water (RW), this was the period of time, he was jobless with no income and didn’t come back to showbiz after almost 10 years.

Nevertheless, his memories to us as a top comedian in Taiwan in an older era that million of people will never be able to forget.

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