Super Moon – Realise Your Vision and Heal Your Soul

The upcoming lunar event known as Super Moon will shine the beam of achievement in your heart and aligning your vision to your goals. At its closest level to Earth, the Super Moon will reach its most powerful state. The nurturing beams of the light will produce miracles and resolve your issues related to your mind and physical body illness. Taking the full moon is one of the best time to recharge your soul and focus on what you would like to achieve in the near future. Moon in Vedic astrology represents the mind and body and is one of the most important Planet when you examine a Vedic Chart as it takes two and half day to complete a rotation cycle moving before moving on to your next house.

For tonight and tomorrow, it would be ideal to visit a doctor or physician in regards to a chronic health issue and you will see great success in it.

Place a full glass of clean, pure water outside under the waxing moonlight tonight, in order to absorb the full potential of its healing powers. Use a clear glass container, and if you have pearls or moonstones, you can place these in or around the glass in order to amplify the lunar absorption.

It is also the perfect time to launch your marketing campaign, signing of a new contract and initiating new business idea. Mediation can give you real insights on blocked illusion, getting clarity and setting new goals. New perspective and self-understanding can free us from destructive patterns of addiction and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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