Bazi Reading With Master Kevin (1 Hour Block)


Master Kevin Foong offers a Bazi reading service to help individuals gain profound insights into their lives, characters, strengths, and weaknesses. This service lets you understand your destiny and make better-informed decisions about your career, relationships, and health.

The Bazi consultation consists of an in-depth analysis of your birth chart based on the Four Pillars of Destiny – a sophisticated Chinese astrology system. By understanding your Bazi chart, you can unlock your potential, avoid pitfalls, and align yourself with favorable energies to achieve success and happiness.

Bazi Reading with Master Kevin Foong

A Bazi consultation session is one block of a 1-hour consultation. If you would like a longer session, you can purchase an additional 1-hour block by selecting the quantity. The session will be conducted live via one-to-one meetings or online through Zoom. 

You can book a Bazi consultation session with Master Kevin Foong to discuss your Bazi, where he will analyze the following:

  • Complimentary Bazi 12 Months Forecast Report
  • Address the immediate question you have in mind
  • The right industry that benefits you
  • Your relationship question / problems
  • For business owners, whether it is better to go for a partnership or by yourself
  • Your potential health issue
  • Your auspicious years

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