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Auspicious Date Selection


The Power Of An Auspicious Date

Every day has a different set of energy that interact with your Bazi chart. Some interactions can bring resistance and trouble with the task you are working on. On other days, the event is just simply in your favor. Have you ever encountered everything that seems to be against you when there aren’t many changes in your routine? A good date can have a strong influence on the outcome one hopes to achieve. Similarly selecting the wrong date to perform a task would have its consequences. You would want to have an auspicious date that is tailored to your date of birth and time. 

Can I check for a good date myself using the Chinese Calendar?

The Chinese Calendar shows a certain day is a good day, but as you read the news, there are people who had an accident or suffer a misfortune on that day despite the calendar saying it is a good day. This is because the Chinese Calendar uses a very generic system that validates what is a good day, but it isn’t tailored to your date of birth and time. Thus, even on a supposedly auspicious day on the Chinese Calendar, bad events can happen if it has bad energy interaction with your Bazi. 

What can an auspicious date be used for?

– Signing an important contract
– Going for an interview
– Meeting an important prospect
– Enrolling your child to a good school
– Registration of Marriage (do opt for the wedding date selection service)
– Closing a deal
– Reporting for work on the first day
– Company event launch
– Opening Ceremony for your business

Once you have signed up, please email us at with the task you would like to perform, together with your date of birth and time. We would provide the required information to you within 5 business days. 

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