Dragon Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Dragon Zodiac Horoscope in 2023

Dragon Zodiac Horoscope in 2023: Prosperous and Negative Stars

Business and Career Luck For Dragon Zodiac in 2023

The most potent star: The Sun will power up your business and career growth. This star brings along tons of benefactor luck, which you will receive support from noblemen, mentors, and influential people in your life. In short, you should plan for the next level of growth for your career development. Reach out for collaboration and mentorship. Promotion opportunities can be within reach if you can perform and provide maximum value in your work. Business owners should work on the expansion and strengthen their marketing position in their industry. The Pulling Saddle star suggests you will benefit from long-distance travel. It will be worth exploring partnerships or considering taking in opportunities from a foreign land.

Relationships for Dragon Zodiac in 2023

You are affected by the Negative Qi and Sky Emptiness Star, which can cause you to feel stagnant, and emotional turbulence and easily subject you to temperamental mood changes. It may increase conflicts if you are married and distance your relationship. With the Sun activation, you should reach out for help, possibly through a counselor that can help you to gain more insights and bring your relationship back on track.

What to Guard Against for Dragon Zodiac in 2023

The Sky Emptiness Star will bring in loneliness and being isolated from others. You will feel stagnant and a sense of not being able to perform up to your level of expectation, and a deep sense of disappointment. The Six Harm star is a similar star that affects your mood and temperamental. The Yin Sha suggests female haters may backstab you, and your action may have accidentally triggered their response against you. As many of these stars triggered your emotional and mental state of health, you should leverage the Sun, which is likely a male nobleman that can show you clarity and lead you out of this situation.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Lucky Colors: Red, Brown, White

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7

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