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Flying Stars 2024 Cheat Sheet to Transform Your Life

flying stars 2024

As we step into 2024, the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui becomes ever more relevant, guiding us through the energetic currents of time.

Central to this practice is the concept of the Flying Stars, dynamic energies that move through the Earth’s spaces, affecting our lives in profound ways.

Understanding the placement and influence of these stars in 2024 can empower you to harness positive energy and mitigate challenges, crafting a year of harmony, prosperity, and well-being.

To begin, it’s important to review the annual Flying Stars chart and what the stars represent.


The Flying Star Chart

time dimension feng shui

The Flying Star chart is an essential tool for Feng Shui practitioners, helping them identify the energy patterns in our environment.

Each star in the chart represents different types of energies and their influence on various aspects of life. Here’s a brief overview of what each of the nine stars represents:

Star 1: White Star (Tan Lang / Greedy Wolf)

This star represents career, wisdom, and learning. It is associated with water energy and is generally considered positive, bringing opportunities for advancement and personal growth.

Star 2: Black Star (Ju Men / Giant Gate)

Known as the illness star, this star is associated with sickness, obstacles, and misfortune. It is connected to earth energy and is generally considered negative, requiring remedies to mitigate its effects.

Star 3: Jade Star (Lu Cun / Lushang)

This star represents arguments, conflicts, and legal issues. It is associated with wood energy and can bring about disputes and misunderstandings if not managed properly.

Star 4: Green Star (Wen Qu / Scholar)

This star is linked to academic success, romance, and creativity. It is connected to wood energy and is generally positive, promoting intellectual pursuits and artistic expression.

Star 5: Yellow Star (Lian Zhen / Chastity)

Often referred to as the misfortune star, it represents major obstacles, accidents, and financial loss. This inauspicious star is associated with earth energy and is considered highly negative, often requiring strong remedies.

Star 6: White Star (Wu Qu / Military Officer)

This star signifies authority, power, and leadership. It is associated with metal energy and can be both positive and negative, bringing success in career and recognition, but also potential for conflict and stress.

Star 7: Red Star (Po Jun / Destruction)

This star represents theft, betrayal, and deception. It is connected to metal energy and is generally considered negative, indicating the need for caution in financial and personal matters.

Star 8: White Star (Zuo Fu / Left Assistant)

Known as the wealth star, this star signifies prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. It is associated with earth energy and is highly positive, bringing financial success and material gain.

Star 9: Purple Star (You Bi / Right Assistant)

This star is linked to future prosperity, joy, and celebration. It is connected to fire energy and is generally positive, indicating good luck, happiness, and favourable events.

By understanding the energies and aligning your personal space, you can activate positive outcomes in your lives, financial achievements, and career development.

For a more in-depth understanding, read our Flying Star guide here!

A Quick Overview for 2024

auspicious stars

In 2024, the year of the wood dragon, the flying stars chart is dominated by the number 8 star, which occupies the North sector. The number 8 star is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui, as it represents wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, if your front door, bedroom, or office is located in the North sector of your home or workplace, you will likely benefit from the positive energy of the number 8 star.

However, it’s important to note that some negative stars are also present in the 2024 Flying Stars chart. For example, the number 5 star, representing obstacles and misfortune, occupies the West sector. If your home or workplace is in the West sector, you may experience bad luck and challenges or setbacks.

To counteract the negative energy of the number 5 star, it’s recommended to place metal cures in the affected areas, such as a metal wind chime or a six-rod metal wind chime.

You can also consider using other Feng Shui remedies, such as placing a bowl of salt water in the West sector.


The Year 2024 According to the Flying Stars

lucky stars

In summary, the 2024 Flying Stars chart is dominated by the auspicious star number 8, but some negative stars are also present.

By understanding the energy patterns, taking appropriate remedial measures, and using Feng Shui enhancers, you can maximise the positive and negative energy in your environment, leading to greater harmony and success in all aspects of your life.


In 2024, the number 9 star of future prosperity occupies the SouthWest sector, which can bring success, recognition, and fame.

To enhance the positive energy, place a red carpet or a red lantern in the SouthWest sector. You can also use colours such as red or purple to activate the energy.

This sector can be used for study and work. Conduct your sales call and email in this sector to benefit you in the closing.


In 2024, the number 7 star of violence occupies the South sector, which can cause conflicts, lawsuits, and accidents.

Avoid using the South sector for important activities and keep the area well-lit. To reduce the negative energy, you can put up some earthly element items, such as a miniature mountain.

South East

In 2024, the number 2 star of illness occupies the Southeast sector, which can cause health problems, disputes, and legal issues.

To reduce the negative energy, you can place a Wu Lou or a metal pagoda in the South East sector. You should avoid using the South East sector for essential activities, especially sleeping.


In 2024, the centre sector will be occupied by the number 3 star of hostility, which can cause arguments, legal issues, and misunderstandings.

Avoid using the Center sector for essential activities and keep the area well-lit.


The number 8 star of future prosperity will occupy the North sector in 2024, which can bring wealth and financial growth. You can place a red carpet or a red lantern in the North sector to enhance the positive energy.

You can also use colours such as red or purple as Feng Shui cures to activate the energy. This sector can be used for study and work. Conduct your sales call and email in this sector to benefit you in the closing.


The number 1 star of victory occupies the East sector in 2024, which can bring success, promotion, and recognition.

You can also use colours such as green or blue to activate the energy of the victory star. This sector is especially good for activating benefactor and mentorship in your career.


The number 6 star of heaven (heaven star) luck occupies the NE sector in 2024, bringing good fortune, wealth, and career opportunities. You can use this sector for your work with email and cold-calling for sales activities.


In 2024, the number 5 star of misfortune occupies the West sector, which can bring unexpected obstacles, accidents, and financial losses.

To remedy the negative energy, you can place a six-rod metal wind chime or salt water as a Feng Shui cure in the West sector. You can also avoid using the West sector for essential activities and keep the area well-lit.


The North West governs the number 4 star of academic and literary success, which can bring good luck in education and knowledge-seeking activities. You can also use colours such as yellow or beige to activate the energy. Children studying for exams can position their study desks in this sector.


The Four Dangerous Directions for 2024 According to the Flying Stars Chart

annual flying stars

In 2024, the Flying Star Chart reveals the four most dangerous directions to be the following:

The Grand Duke (Tai Sui) Direction

This direction directly faces the Tai Sui, which is the ruling energy of the year. In 2024, the Tai Sui is located in the SouthEast direction.

Disturbing or confronting the Tai Sui is considered inauspicious, as it can bring misfortune, obstacles, and accidents.

The Three Killings Direction

This is the direction that directly faces the Three Killings, which is a combination of three negative energies: the Robbery Sha, the Disaster Sha, and the Annual Sha. In 2024, the Three Killings are located in the South direction.

It’s considered unlucky to disturb or activate the Three Killings, as it can bring financial loss, legal problems, and health issues.

The Five Yellow Direction

This is the direction that’s affected by the Five Yellow, which is a negative energy that’s associated with obstacles, accidents, and misfortune. In 2024, the Five Yellow is located in the West direction.

Disturbing or activating the Five Yellow is considered inauspicious, as it can bring serious health problems, financial loss, and legal issues.

The Year Breaker Direction

This direction is affected by the Year Breaker energy, which is associated with death, decay, and negative energies.

In 2024, the Year Breaker House will be located in the NorthWest1 direction. Activating or disturbing the Year Breaker House energy is considered unlucky, as it can bring health problems, accidents, and financial loss.

It’s also important to avoid building or renovating in the Year Breaker House direction. You are advised not to do renovation such as drilling and hacking in the four dangerous directions as this will activate the negative energy at home or office.


Harness Master Kevin Foong’s Expertise for a Prosperous Year

Expertise for a Prosperous Year

With the arrival of Period 9 of Southern Li Gua, later Heaven Energy, starting on 4 February 2024, we enter a pivotal year marked by significant global changes in businesses, trends, and industries.

Understanding and preparing for this energy shift will give you a first-mover advantage, while those who remain unaware may fall behind.

Ensure Your Home is Period 9 Compliant

To benefit from the optimal Qi and energy flow of Period 9, your home’s Feng Shui must be up to date. This alignment will help everyone in your household achieve prosperity throughout this 20-year period.

Understand Your Bazi for Personal Optimisation

On a personal level, understanding your Bazi (life destiny) is essential to leverage the energy of Period 9 fully. Master Kevin Foong can guide you in optimizing your life path to align with these powerful energies.

Follow the 2024 Flying Stars

By tracking the 2024 Flying Stars, you can strategically tap into beneficial energies, activate success, and avoid potential obstacles and disasters. This knowledge is invaluable for configuring your home and office to harness these energies effectively.

Schedule a consultation with Master Kevin Foong today to ensure your home and personal path are optimally aligned for success and prosperity.

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