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Home Feng Shui Consultation

Transform Your Life: Overcoming the Pain Points of a Home with Bad Feng Shui

When a home suffers from poor Feng Shui, occupants may experience a myriad of challenges that disrupt their lives in various ways:

Well-being woes: An imbalanced energy flow can manifest as health complications, from minor annoyances like headaches and fatigue to more debilitating conditions such as chronic illnesses.

Wealth hurdles: Hindered financial prosperity might stem from a home’s negative Feng Shui, leading to a scarcity mindset, unforeseen expenses, or escalating debts.

Relational discord: Suboptimal spatial arrangements can exacerbate relationship tensions, resulting in communication barriers, frequent disputes, and even relationship dissolution.

Restless slumber: Bedrooms plagued by adverse Feng Shui may contribute to sleep disturbances like insomnia or fitful sleep, impacting overall wellness and daily performance.

Security threats: Homes with inauspicious Feng Shui could invite unwelcome intruders, including burglars, pests, or paranormal entities, compromising the safety and comfort of the living space.

Professional plateau: Hindered career progression may arise from unfavorable Feng Shui, causing setbacks, overlooked opportunities, and a lingering sense of stagnation in one’s work life.

Emotional turbulence: The accumulation of negative energy in a home with subpar Feng Shui can evoke feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, adversely affecting mental health and overall contentment.

Legal entanglements: Unfavorable Feng Shui may invite legal predicaments, such as neighborhood disputes, property challenges, or confrontations with authorities, adding to stress and financial burdens.

Learning obstacles: Inadequate Feng Shui can impair academic performance for children and adults alike, obstructing effective learning, concentration, and information retention.

Pervasive discontent: Residing in a home plagued by poor Feng Shui can culminate in a persistent sense of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and imbalance, influencing every aspect of one’s life.

When you encounter a sense of stagnation or overwhelm in any area of your life—finances, personal relationships, or health—the remedy may lie within your home’s Feng Shui. Irrespective of the duration of your struggles, comprehending the energy dynamics within your living space could be the catalyst for paving the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Discover the Benefits of Good Feng Shui in Enhancing Your Life

  • Foster health and well-being: A harmonious Feng Shui home cultivates a positive environment bolsters physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Strengthens relationships: Good Feng Shui can foster stronger connections among family members and even invite new friendships and romantic interests.
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity: Enhancing your home’s energy flow can draw abundance and prosperity into your life.
  • Elevates career growth: Optimal Feng Shui in your living space can boost career opportunities and facilitate success.
  • Improves sleep quality: Feng Shui can refine sleep quality, allowing you to awaken rejuvenated and energized.
  • Boosts creativity and productivity: A well-balanced home can stimulate creativity and productivity, empowering you to accomplish your goals and tasks.
  • Mitigates stress and anxiety: A harmonious Feng Shui home can alleviate stress and anxiety, offering a serene and soothing environment for centering and grounding.
  • Amplifies overall happiness: Ultimately, good Feng Shui can augment your overall happiness and sense of fulfillment, enabling you to lead a more contented and gratifying life.


feng shui land form

Feng Shui is Based on Two Factors

The Feng Shui assessment consultation is comprised of two main parts. The external landform, which includes all eight directions outside of the house or building, is responsible for long-term Feng Shui and accounts for 60% of the energy surrounding your home. This aspect examines elevation, nearby roads, rivers, tunnels, expressways, gardens, and other factors that can impact the energy flow. The remaining 40% is attributed to the home’s internal environment and energy flow, which governs the short-term Feng Shui. It is crucial to select the right home to purchase or rent to ensure good Feng Shui. Opting for Feng Shui House Selection is recommended for those who have yet to purchase a home, as it allows for guidance in selecting a home that meets good Feng Shui requirements. Negative energy in a home can lead to illnesses, loss of wealth and reputation, legal issues, poor family relationships, and academic struggles. It is essential to reside in a home with good Feng Shui energy to prevent these issues. Some homes may have only good short-term Feng Shui, which means negative issues may arise after a certain period.

What is the key sector for home internal Feng Shui consultation?

  • Main Door Facing
  • Stove location
  • Bed location
  • Study Area
  • Checking for negative energy flow in the house
  • If the house energy is properly configured to activate wealth and career opportunity


 house feng shui floor plan

The Feng Shui Process Includes:

  • On-site Feng Shui Audit & Analysis
  • External Land Form Analysis
  • Long Term House Planning Analysis
  • Deflecting negative energy
  • House Internal Environment Analysis
  • Analysis of Door, Kitchen, and Bedroom
  • Activation of Auspicious Sector
  • Activating wealth for the whole household
  • Auspicious work and study sector for increased productivity
  • Date and Sector selection for Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Moving-in
  • House moving-in process flow

Do I Have To Purchase Feng Shui Item?

No, you don’t. Our methodology is based on a classical Feng Shui system that doesn’t use Feng Shui products or items that do not work.


Is There an Installment Available?

You can check out Atome services which you have the option to pay in 3 interest-free installments. (Applicable to services under S$6000)

I may have some questions, can you address them?

Please click on the WhatApps icon on the lower right-hand corner of your screen and you will be connected to our team who are able to address them.

Client Testimonial

Dr Neo – Medical Doctor Specialist

Mr Kelvin Goh – Financial Service Director

Mr James See – Business Owner & Investor

  • Master Kevin was very detailed in his feng shui audit, covering every area in the house. He also provided very practical suggestions on placing beds, workstations, stoves, etc. My wife and I are very happy that there is no need to purchase any ornaments as we prefer our house to be simple and not too cluttered. Michael was also very responsive in coordinating the date and time of the audit. – Kelvin Ang
  • Remember I told you that I received an offer to work at University? The University had accepted me and I will start work in Feb 2021. This is so exciting! I am looking forward to working at my new workplace 🙂 The calculation and energy read by Master is so so accurate. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Master Kevin 🙂 – Hsiao Ling
  • You probably can’t remember me but I was the junior doctor who was going through a rough period and divorce a few years back. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to consult with your kind self and thanks to your Bazi analysis and advice, I got back on track! Currently, I’m happily re-married as u correctly expected and expecting our first child! 🙂 – Dr Neo
  • Master Foong’s great knowledge of Fengshui and passion to help others are unquestionable. He took the time to explain difficult concepts and addressed all of my concerns. He is a true master! Thank you so so much. – Wynn C.
  • Master Kevin and his team have been very professional with the audit of our house. We seek his help because of a health issue with a family member and are surprised there is great recovery 2 months later. We were not asked to purchase a Feng Shui item. Highly recommend it to someone who needs a good master to resolve their problem. – Ian Tan



About Kevin Foong Consulting Group

Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸) is a renowned professional Feng Shui master in Asia, headquartered in Singapore. His expertise is highly sought-after by Fortune 500 companies and brands across 18 countries worldwide. Master Kevin conducts Feng Shui and Bazi seminars globally, catering to a vast audience of metaphysics students and practitioners seeking advanced knowledge and industry best practices. He has extensive experience in Feng Shui consultancy for businesses and corporations in Singapore, including banks, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, and large-scale condominium projects. Master Kevin Foong’s mission is to transform lives through the discipline of Bazi and Feng Shui, believing that every individual has a unique path to maximize their talents and strengths through the path of least resistance in the shortest possible time.

Kevin Foong’s fascination with Chinese Metaphysics, Western Astrology, and Numerology began at a young age. He learned the art of classical Feng Shui from various masters in Singapore and Asia and has since shared his knowledge with over 35,000 students worldwide. At 28, he built a multi-million-dollar business by utilizing Feng Shui and understanding the Bazi’s destiny in life. To this day, he continues to use this ancient science to assist his clients. Kevin is renowned for his highly accurate Bazi readings that predict events and assist his clients in making critical life decisions related to wealth, health, and relationships, as well as his Feng Shui techniques that aim to bring prosperity to his clients. Master Kevin has researched these subjects for more than 20 years, making him a leading expert.

  • San He Landforms Feng Shui (三合地理风水)
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Liu Fa (三元玄空六法)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui (玄空大卦风水)
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars (三元玄空飞星)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selections (玄空大卦择日法)
  • San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲)
  • Vedic Astrology (吠陀占星术)
  • Purple White Classic (紫白诀)
  • Yin House Feng Shui (Grave & Tombstones) (阴宅风水)
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis (八字命理)
  • Bazi Date Selections (八字择日)
  • Purple Star Zi Wei Dou Shou (紫微斗数)
  • Palm Reading (掌相学)
  • Face Reading (面相学)


Kevin has been extensively featured in top news media, TV interviews & publications like The Sunday Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, AsiaOne, The Peak Magazine, The New Age Parents, The Epoch Times, Singapore Press Holding, The Women’s Weekly, The Grassroots Club Magazine, The Top 40 Under Forty and is a crucial columnist on “Feng Shui” topic to many publications and media releases.

Featured by

fengshui master featured

The Top Feng Shui Consultant for Global Banks, Financial Institutions, and Celebrities

As the go-to Feng Shui consultant for local and international banks, financial institutions, property developers, celebrities, government officials, and famous brands worldwide, Kevin Foong Consulting Group offers various consultancy services, including strategic Feng Shui planning and Bazi analysis. Their highly trained consultants help individuals discover their maximum potential through the path of least resistance, analyze candidates’ Bazi and compatibility for human resource planning, select the best candidates for senior management roles, and choose the best Feng Shui site for headquarters and office branches.

Thanks to their strategic Feng Shui planning, Kevin Foong Consulting Group has helped one of its banking clients increase its asset under management (AUM) by 19%. Trust the award-winning expertise of Kevin Foong Consulting Group for your business and personal success.


Impressive Track Record of Working with Fortune 500 Clients

Fengshui clients

Largest Singapore Feng Shui Academy

Master Kevin takes pride in being the first Singaporean Feng Shui consultant to establish Singapore’s most prominent Chinese Metaphysics academy. The academy imparts classical Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom on Bazi, San He & San Yuan Feng Shui, and Qi Men Dun Jia. With more than 35,000 students worldwide from diverse backgrounds, such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, executives, professionals, CEOs, and celebrities, the academy has earned a stellar reputation for its live seminars and online courses. Students’ numerous positive testimonials testify to the academy’s commitment to providing authentic practices and knowledge.

Suntec Convention Bazi Seminar

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