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About Kevin Foong - Feng Shui Master in Singapore

【Feng Shui】is a Chinese practice that uses geomancy (the study of Earth’s natural patterns) to determine how people should arrange furniture and decorate rooms to promote good luck and prosperity.The science of Feng shui is an ancient system that started thousands of years back. The critical methodology of Feng shui is working with the balance of Yin and Yang energy. From locating an excellent prosperous direction and sector and tapping into good energy, Feng shui can affect our financial growth, career development, business sales, working relationships, and personal health.

Using Feng shui to balance energy sources in your home and workplace is essential. To deflect Sha Qi (negative energy), there are various applications and systems of Fengshui implementation. Classical Feng shui does not require displaying prosperity Feng shui ornament in your house or office. The Feng shui secret lies in understanding landforms, Yang and Yin energy flow (Qi Flow), deflecting negative energy, and tapping into prosperous Qi. 

Feng shui and Bazi reading come hand in hand, as your Bazi presents your destiny road map for decision-making. At the same time, the energy of your home or office can affect you in all walks of life, depending on the energy configuration. The concept of Fengshui does not encompass any form of religion. Various Feng shui masters in Singapore will have different methodologies in assessment. We strictly focus on classical Feng shui techniques and systems that bring effective results. 


fengshui master Singapore Kevin Foong

Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸) is Asia leading professional Fengshui master headquartered in Singapore. Globally, he is one of the most sought Fengshui master for Fortune 500 companies and brands in more than 18 countries. Master Kevin Foong personally conducts Fengshui and Bazi seminars worldwide with a massive following of metaphysics students and Feng Shui practitioners. Feng Shui masters and practitioners worldwide attend his classes for advanced meta-physics knowledge and best practices. As a Feng Shui master for business and corporation in Singapore, it includes banks, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and large scale condominium projects. The Feng Shui Master aims to transform lives through Bazi & Feng Shui discipline and believes every individual has a unique way to outperform their talents and strength through the path of least resistance at the fastest time possible.

At a young age, Kevin developed an immense interest in Chinese Metaphysics, western astrology, and numerology. He started to learn classical Feng Shui from various Feng Shui masters in Singapore and Asia. He teaches the art of Fengshui, Qi Men, and Bazi to more than 35,000 students worldwide. At the age of 28, he built a multi-million business; his success story comes from using Feng shui and understanding one's Bazi destiny in life. Kevin continues to use this ancient science to help his clients. Kevin is famously known for his highly accurate Bazi reading that predict events and help his clients to make important life decision on wealth, health and relationship as well as his Fengshui techniques that sought to bring prosperity to his clients. Master Kevin accumulated more than 20 years of research in these subjects:

  • San He Landforms Feng Shui (三合地理风水)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui (玄空大卦风水)
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars (三元玄空飞星)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selections (玄空大卦择日法)
  • San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲)
  • Vedic Astrology (吠陀占星术)
  • Purple White Classic (紫白诀)
  • Yin House Feng Shui (Grave & Tombstones) (阴宅风水)
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis (八字命理)
  • Bazi Date Selections (八字择日)
  • Palm Reading (掌相学)
  • Face Reading (面相学)

     Key services provided:

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    Feng Shui Secret #1: The Most Important Element of Feng Shui Is Your Home's Location

    For homeowners, it is critical to stay in a place that has excellent and auspicious energy. Thus, selecting the right house to stay in should remain the most crucial aspect of having good Feng shui. It doesn't matter if you are only renting the place. The external landform of your home governs 60% of the energy influence and represents a long-term effect once you have moved in. Not all houses have great land form, but when you have selected the right house based on Fengshui principles, you would have won half the battle. Some houses has the ability to increase the resident's wealth capacity, while others can cause the residents to experience bad relationships and health issues. The internal part of your home has a 40% energy influence—your main door, stove, furniture placement, bed, working desk, aquariums, and altar are vital aspects of a Fengshui audit. Master Kevin and his teams of senior Feng Shui masters have completed extensive Feng Shui audit for HDB flat, executive mansionette, condominiums, landed properties, offices, banks headquarters, restaurants, shop houses, factories, and GCB houses. 

    Feng shui for the rich and powerful

    Why Huge Brands Has A Feng Shui Master To Advice Them

    Let us understand why the high net worth and Fortune 500 companies use Feng Shui in their office and home. You may have read somewhere in the news very successful people usually have a personal Feng Shui master where they take advice from (even Donald Trump has a personal Feng Shui master that he take advice from when planning his Trump Tower). Hiring people for their corporation based on their Bazi, selecting a location for their headquarter, or their seating position in the office are some of the top advice they take from their Fengshui master.

    How does Feng Shui affect you?
    A lousy Feng Shui place brings misfortune, slow productivity, and disasters. At home, one will encounter health issues, falling out with their family members, and constantly facing challenges and stagnation in their career and business. For an office, one will suffer political fighting, operation issues, low productivity, slow sales opportunities, and bad debts—the rich and powerful embrace Fengshui for its continuation in family and business success. 


    The Feng Shui of Singapore - Why it is attracting rich and powerful people

    What is Fengshui, and how does it work?

    The art of Chinese classical Feng Shui traces its root to understand the energy formation derived from the trinity cosmic of Heaven, Man, and Earth. In Fengshui, mountains govern people and relationships, while sea and river flows govern wealth and finance. All "Qi" comes from the mountain, and water exists to move Qi. Without water, powerful mountain formation means nothing. Suppose we choose to understand why Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries in South East Asia and global ranking through analyzing Singapore Feng Shui. It is undoubtedly a tiny country that punches above its weight in its class. One can observe the Feng Shui of Singapore through its significant boundary of the surrounding water. This indicates Singapore and its government will be very much focused on achieving financial growth and high performance in its revenue generation. The lack of mountain in Singapore represent its difficulty in population growth; it experienced its slowest decade of population growth since independence. Thus it has to rely on foreign talents to sustain Singapore's economic growth. The mountain range energy spans from Thailand through Malaysia, eventually ending in Singapore as the final point. We deem this as the dragon head. The river mouth in Marina Bay Sand is a critical Feng Shui Qi passage that allows Singapore to attract investors worldwide. Locking the river mouth using the MCE (Marina Coastal Expressway) means investors continue to stay in Singapore long term.

    Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong News Media Feature

    Kevin's Fengshui and Chinese metaphysics research work has been extensively featured in top news media, TV interviews & publications like CNBC, The Sunday Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, AsiaOne, The Peak Magazine, The New Age Parents, The Epoch Times, Singapore Press Holding, The Women's Weekly, The Grassroots Club Magazine, The Top 40 Under Forty and is a key columnist on "Feng Shui" topic to many publications and media releases.


    Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong Interview for CNBC

    Fengshui master featured in Channel News Asia

     Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong live Interview for Channel News Asia

    Our Fengshui Masters

    Highly professional with decades of practicing experience, our Fengshui Masters has served hundreds of clients through their meticulous services. 


    feng shui master CK

    Master Chun Kan (CK)
    Senior Feng Shui Consultant

    Having developed a great interest in Bazi and Fengshui, Master CK starting reading metaphysics books at a young age. However, knowing books have very limited knowledge, he decided to sought guidance from his mentor, Master Kevin, in 2008. This allows him to developed his full potential in analyzing Bazi and later on master the skill set of classical Fengshui. Master CK is proficient in the art of San Yuan Fengshui in the discipline of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star as well as San He Land Form and internal Qi tapping. In the art of divination, Master CK is a seasoned practitioner of Qi Men Dun Jia. Prior to all of these, Master CK is also an outstanding speaker for Fengshui talks and having spoken at HDB and various shopping mall's annual Fengshui events. He is currently a Fengshui instructor with Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass since 2014.

    Key services:


    Feng Shui Master Teo

    Master Michael Teo
    Senior Feng Shui Consultant

    Master Michael has had a keen interest in Chinese Metaphysics since young. He met Master Kevin in 2004 and has studied under his tutelage in Bazi and Fengshui. He has also been a seasoned spiritual practitioner who is trained in healing, yoga for more than ten years. Combined with his knowledge of Metaphysics training, Master Michael's learning journey from renowned masters in Singapore and India allows him to be a senior practitioner in Bazi analysis, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Fengshui assessment. Master Michael is invited to be a Bazi analysis instructor with Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass since 2014.

    Key services:


    Feng Shui Master Wee Koon

    Master Teo Wee Koon
    Senior Feng Shui Consultant

    Master Teo is a seasoned practitioner in distance healing. He studied yoga under Sadhguru for various years. He set foot on exploring Chinese metaphysics in 2006 and spent the next couple of years learning under Master Kevin on Bazi analysis, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Vedic astrology as well as classical Fengshui. Master Teo has completed Fengshui projects for various clients since 2010 and has more than a decade of experience under his belt. Master Teo is invited to be a Bazi analysis instructor with Kevin Foong Metaphysics Masterclass since 2014.

    Key services provided:


    FengShui Consultants

    Kevin Foong Consulting Group has a team of dedicated Fengshui consultants specialized in bringing high-quality services for our client's needs. With our in-house team of programmers that are using high-tech Bazi profiling and Fengshui analysis, these ensure consistency and eliminate human error in plotting Bazi and Fengshui charts for analysis. They are also highly trained in providing annual Bazi analysis for ten of thousands of subscribers, using our guide to maximize their life achievement. 

    Our Fengshui apps:

    Key advisory in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics to Fortune 500 Companies in achieving record-breaking performance

     As a critical Fengshui consultant to local and international banks, financial constitutions, property developers, celebrities, government officials, and famous brands worldwide, Kevin Foong Consulting Group and their highly trained consultants provide strategic Feng Shui planning and Bazi analysis. Other scopes of consultancy include:

    • Helping individual to discover their maximum potential through the path of least resistance
    • Human resource planning by analyzing candidates Bazi and compatibility.
    • Hiring the best candidates for senior management roles.
    • Selecting the best Feng Shui site for headquarters and office branches.

    As a result of strategic Fengshui planning, Kevin Foong Consulting Group has helped one of its banking clients increased 19% in its AUM (asset under management).


    Feng Shui Advisory For Clients

    Fengshui consultation in Melbourne

    Feng Shui Advisory for Melbourne R.Iconic Condominium Development

    Feng shui master for Bank of Singapore

    Feng Shui Advisory for Bank of Singapore

    Fengshui master for UBP

    Feng Shui Advisory for UBP: Union Bancaire Privee (Private Banking)

    Fengshui consultation for Westpac

    Feng Shui Advisory for Westpac

    Feng shui for home
    Feng Shui Advisory for landed houses


    Award-winning Fengshui master in Singapore

    • Recipient of Spirits of Enterprise 2010 Honouree Award
    • Prestige Singapore Top 40 Under Forty 2012
    • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2013
    • Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award 2013
    • Asia Pacific Brand Award 2014
    • Featured on Channel News Asia
    • Featured on CNBC
    • Featured on South China Morning Post
    • Featured on The Straits Times and Business Times
    • Featured on ABSCBN (Philippines Largest News Network)
    • Featured on USA Today and Fox News

    In 2010, Kevin Foong was conferred the Spirit of Enterprise Award by Singapore Senior Minister of State, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan. The award aims to honor and inspire home-grown entrepreneurs. In 2012, he was featured in Prestige Singapore Top 40 Under Forty. Having been the only Feng Shui consultancy firm to receive the recognition. Subsequently, he also received the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2013 and the Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award 2013 presented by Apple Co-founder, Mr. Steve Wozniak. Kevin Foong Consulting Group was nominated by Mr. Vikram Nair, Member of Parliament For Sembawang GRC, and conferred the Asia Pacific Brand Award 2014 by Mr. Zainudin Nordin, Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. He was interviewed by Channel News Asia and South China Morning Post in the Singapore National Day feature and The Peak magazine by Singapore Press Holdings. He also writes for various magazine columns such as The Singapore Grassroots' Club, The New Age Parents, on Feng Shui and Bazi and has been quoted by The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, AsiaOne, and the Business Times. His enthusiasm and quest for true metaphysics knowledge have contributed to his success as a world-renown feng shui expert, consultant, and teacher.

    Recommended Fengshui master in Spirits of Enterprise Award

    Received the 2010 Spirit of Enterprise from Singapore Senior Minister, Mr Lee Yi Shyan


    Fengshui master award in Malaysia

    Kevin Foong Consulting Group conferred Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award by Mr Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, Son of former Malaysia Prime Minister

    Fengshui master award in Singapore

    Kevin Foong Consulting Group Received the Asia Pacific Brand Award


    Fengshui seminar with Rebecca Lim

    Hosting the SK II event with Mediacorp Artist Rebecca Lim


    Client Confidentiality

    Our high-profile clientele includes international and local corporate leaders, businessmen, politicians, professionals, celebrities, entertainers, among others. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the professionalism required in dealing with the extra sensitivity involved in protecting the identity and confidentiality of our clients. 


    Organisation We Worked With

    Fengshui clients

    • CNBC
    • South China Morning Post
    • AsiaOne
    • Channel NewsAsia
    • SPH
    • The Peak Magazine
    • Prestige Singapore
    • The EpochTimes
    • ABS-CBN
    • The Philippine Star
    • Globe My business
    • ChinoyTV Network
    • The New Age Parents
    • The Women's Weekly
    • The Grassroots Club Magazine
    • The Top 40 Under Forty
    • R.Iconic Property Development by R.Corporation
    • Singtel
    • Cisco
    • Bank of Singapore
    • SAS Institute
    • Jilius Baer
    • BNP Paribas
    • PCS Mercer
    • IG Group
    • Westpac
    • UBS
    • Good Wood Park Hotel
    • Devries Global
    • Marriott
    • Maybank
    • Schneider Electric
    • IKEA
    • Holiday Inn
    • UOB (United Overseas Bank)
    • Shiseido
    • SK II
    • W Capital Markets
    • Friends Provident International
    • Ingram Micro
    • HDB (Housing Development Board Singapore)
    • City Developments Limited
    • Credit Suisse
    • JLT (Jardine Lloyd Thompson)
    • Standard Chartered
    • DBS
    • Grand Hyatt
    • Resorts World Singapore
    • JW Marriott
    • Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts
    • UBP: Union Bancaire Privee (Private Banking)
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Elle
    • Resorts World Manila
    • ICBC
    • HSBC
    • Makati Diamond
    • Micro Focus
    • Smart Expo
    • HubSpot
    • AIA
    • The Brownstone (Condominium)
    • Volvo
    • The Ritz Carlton
    • Netapp
    • Cycle & Carriage
    • ShareInvestor
    • SMART Investment & International Property Expo (Marina Bay Sands)


    feng shui seminar singapore

    Master Kevin International Feng Shui Convention held in Suntec Singapore

    Largest Singapore Feng Shui Academy

    Master Kevin is honored to be the first locally born Singaporean Feng Shui consultant to form the largest Chinese metaphysics academy in Singapore, specializing in passing classical Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom on Bazi, San He & San Yuan Feng Shui, and Qi Men Dun Jia. More than 35,000 students worldwide from a wide range of different age groups and professions, including doctors, lawyers, businessmen, executives, professionals, CEOs, and celebrities, have learned from the academy through its live seminars and online courses. The long list of testimonials provided by students speaks well of the professional authentic practices and knowledge.



    Fengshui masterclass

    Master Kevin International Feng Shui Convention held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    fengshui master in Malaysia

    Master Kevin International Feng Shui Convention held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    feng shui seminar

     Master Kevin International Feng Shui Convention held in Singapore


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