Singapore Feng Shui Guide For Your House and Office in 2017

With the upcoming year of the Rooster in 2017, Ding You(丁酉)approaching after 3 February 11:34pm, learn how you can optimise the feng shui energy for your house. We start off with the Xuan Kong Flying Star chart, this is the basic of classical feng shui fundamental which is based on the Luo Shu path that gives an indication of the events, auspicious and inauspicious energy governing your house or office.


The main door of your house or office is key to determine good or bad feng shui Qi receiving to your premises. It is always good to find out where your main door of your house or office face, to determine its auspiciousness in 2017. To measure your main door direction, simply stand outside your house and use a compass to measure the facing.


First, find out where your main door sector and refer to the actual star representation for 2017. Remember that the main door can actually face North but resides in the NorthEast SECTOR. The sector is the paramount key to determine your feng shui auspiciousness.

The 1 Star (Victory) CENTER – The centre star is governed by the 1 Star of the North water star, which governs Victory and change. Expect a lot of new change and surprise upcoming in the year of 2017. This suggest the ‘usual way of doing things’ may no longer be a popular trend. One shouldn’t expect status quo but rather to try to push for new innovative ideas and trend. This includes government, policy, and business strategies. Those that refuse to adopt change will lose out in this race.

The 2 Star (Sickness) NORTHWEST – This star resides in the NorthWest sector, if your main door is located here, there can be sickness in the household, this is especially so for people born under Gua 2. One of the remedy is to place metallic object such as wind chime or metal coin to exhaust the inauspicious Earth energy. Do note that Feng Shui has little to do with buying object for placement, we are simply using Metal element to exhaust the Earth energy here.

The 3 Star (Quarrelsome) WEST – This year, the quarrelsome energy of Star 3 which is a wood element fly to the West sector. With your main door located at this sector, be prepared to defuse conflict and argument in the household. It is best recommended not to engage in any form of conflict as it can snowballed to a major event.

The 4 Star (Romance & Education) NORTHEAST – For single who is looking for a partner, engage in more social networking activities as it will highly increase your chance of being attached. The Wen Chang position also bless the education sector, one is expect to have their kids to perform better in examinations and test.

The 5 Star (Disaster) SOUTH – The most scary and disastrous star 5 of Earth element is present and resides in the South sector this year. If your house SITS on this sector, you cannot renovate the house at all, or you will activate the extremely negative energy which affects health, wealth and relationship in the entire household. Drilling, hacking the wall, replacing the tiles are considered renovation as well. The best remedy is not to activate this sector, keep it quiet and you will not be affected by this negative star.

The 6 Star (Opportunity) NORTH – The 6 Metal element star resides in the North sector for 2017 and it will bring opportunity and heaven luck. If your office and house main door happened to reside here, you should work harder and manifest all your opportunity into big wealth capacity.

The 7 Star (Violence) SOUTHWEST – The 7 Star which is of metal element in nature governs the robbery and violence star. For your main door to locate at this area, please install CCTV and improve your house and office security as this year is prone to house robbery and violence. Do not have a fish tank or water containment in this sector as it will activate this negative energy.

The 8 Star (Wealth) EAST –  The 8 Star which is the most auspicious feng shui star activate at East sector in 2017. This governs wealth and extremely good for business seeking to have a great revenue year. For the main door that falls under this sector, you can activate it with water or fish tank in the sector of your house. Coupled with hard work, it bound to bring you a fruitful year ahead.

The 9 Star (Future Star) SOUTHEAST – The 9 Star which is also the future star due to period 9 approaching is considered an auspicious star, this denotes a good year for planning new projects and business expansion.

You can also use the mini-taiji to divide your house into 9 grid based on the chart below and see which area of your living room or bed room has the auspicious energy and simply spend most of your time in that sector to take advantage of the good feng shui. Whether you are doing your sales call, business proposal or even getting your child to do well in examination, you can refer to the 2017 flying star chart and use the sector of energy that is auspicious to your advantage. Understand that feng shui has little to do with purchasing of feng shui objects but more of tapping to the energy by using that area and space often. The idea of using feng shui object is at best to exhaust the element (eg, Metal exhaust Earth). If you own a house, but not staying in the house, then the energy in that place will NOT affect you at all.


For later heaven feng shui arrangement, period 8 which activates from 2004 to 2023 governs the Earth energy for almost a good 20 years. However, what is not known is Period 9 based on Early Heaven arrangement, period 9 energy will stars to fuse in from 2017 onward. This translate the Southern region becoming a prosperous state. In Singapore Feng Shui context, one can expect to see more new development appearing in the Southern part of Singapore. Though, of course regardless of which country you resides in, pay more attention to the Southern part especially if you are keen in property investment. This change of energy can results in undervalued property appreciating over the next few years. The southern part of Manila and Cebu can also see more development heading up from 2017 onward.

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