Qi Men Dun Jia Masterclass 23-24 June Manila

Qi Men Dun Jia奇門遁甲 is an ancient system that is restricted for use by the Emperor and its imperial astrology advisers. The key strength of Qi Men Dun Jia is to analyse the energy of the current space and time. By placing the person at the most auspicious energy at the right time and direction, one can ultimately get the best results for their goals. It was recorded in the Chinese history that Qi Men Dun Jia, together with Da Liu Ren 大六壬 and Tai Yi Shen Shu 太乙神數 as the highest Three Arts or Three Styles (三式 sān shì) in Chinese Metaphysics. Based on very complex calculation of time and space, mapping of energy is presented in a chart consist of the following:

• 九宫八卦图 (9 Palaces 8 Trigram chart)

• 地盘 Di Pan (Earth Plate)

• 十天干 10 Heavenly Stems

• 八神 Ba Shen (8 God)

• 天盘 Tian Pan (Heaven Plate)

• 人盘 Ren Pan (Human Plate)

• 驿马星(Yì Mǎ) Traveling Horse

• 空 Kōng


Advantage of Qi Men Strategy for:

  • Winning in Negotiation (rental, business, partnership, sales, compensation)
  • Seeking Wealth (bank loan, angel investors)
  • Job Interview
  • Examination
  • Romance
  • Escape (from danger, enemy, confidential trip)
  • Medical (avoid mis-diagnosis, receive good medical attention)
  • Legal (winning a court case)
  • Inclusive of date selection system for feng shui, ground digging, construction

    Who Is This Course Designed For?

    • Anyone who want to understand usage of current time space to their success
    • Feng Shui practitioner

    San He Feng Shui Masterclass 23-24 June Manila
    Time: 9am - 6pm

    Course book is provided and live tour to study on-site Feng Shui

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