Bazi Wealth Mastery Singapore 17-18 March

March 17-18 
2 Days Singapore live seminar

  1. 2 Days Bazi Wealth Mastery Live in Manila
  2. Decode your destiny chart
  3. Getting the best out of yourself
  4. Using bazi to hire staffs
  5. Selecting right industry and career to succeed faster
  6. Master reading all types of bazi chart
  7. Forecasting events for year, month, day and hour
  8. Receive the skill set to provide bazi consulting as a career
  9. How to select compatible business or life partners
  10. Analysis of all health insight 
  11. Date selection system that give you upper hand in sales
  12. Getting the outcome that you want 
  13. Geting access to bazi pro calculator forecasting 
  14. The only authentic bazi system from Taiwan
  15. Only 1 solid Bazi course, no more further modules to subscribe
  16. Personally taught by Master Kevin Foong



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