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What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of tapping onto prosperous energy and deflecting negative energy. Used by ancient sages several thousand years ago in China, they analysed the natural phenomenon of the world and the connection between man and how its surrounding influence can affect a person's health, career development, relationships and their financial growth.

Feng shui is known as the term "Kan Yu". It refers to the technique to analyse where Dragon Qi moves, and gathered, while moving through the wind. The natural flow of this Qi energy in the environment is the foundation of Feng Shui. The assessment of the energy and how it flows and blend with the human energy, ultimately to tapping the energy source for one's use is the key to successful Feng Shui planning.

When guided by a well-trained professional master with a deep research, Feng Shui can change an individual's life fully in every aspect of their life from financial growth to strengthening of relationship and one's career development.

Feng Shui forecasting mechanism serve as a way of interpreting events of happening, otherwise known as divination. The Qi flow through the 24 solar terms, four season and through this cyclical system, a master can accurately calculate the outcomes of events of happening, through the interaction of the environment. This allows the client to understand past events and plan well ahead knowing of the next series of event.


How Fengshui Works

Ancient scholar and sages have been able to define Fengshui as a mathematical system that can be calculated through understanding of its patterns.

Classical Feng Shui knowledge is based on form school and formula school. The Formula school is largely made up of San Yuan (3 Cycle) and San He (3 Harmony). San He techniques can analyse Qi flow from one's environment and where its exit through the water mouth. A master will know how to configure the environment to tap onto this Qi flow or deflecting the inauspicious Qi to allow it to exit. At the same time, landform is key to working with San He Feng shui. San Yuan techniques such as Xuan Kong flying stars uses its emphasis on time and space. Both systems employ the usage of timely and untimely Qi.

Everything from the assessment of landform, directions, surrounding, elemental structure and the information from the user date of birth and time, the master can analyse accurately how the qi affects its residents and the outcome it generates.

Every place, be it a home or office, the qi flows differently, and it will generate different set of outcomes. Feng Shui can be configured through analysis of the two classical systems.

Fengshui systems has different mode of application to assess the energy that is naked to the human eye. Tapping onto the positive energy at home and work is key to a productive result, of achieving more wealth and financial growth.

Through a good audit, the Feng Shui master should be able to know where the positive and negative Qi flow are. Subsequently, how we will arrange the furniture at home to tap onto the prosperous qi flow. At the same time, we have to work with avoiding the negative energy flow. Although not all negative energy can be deflected, the master can recommend ways to minimise the damage cause by the inauspicious energy.

Feng Shui is never about just simply about furniture placement or interior design. It is also not about placement of lucky and prosperity ornaments and items in your home or office. A professional master should use every method of classical Feng Shui techniques to achieve its intended outcome. 

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How Does Fengshui benefits you?

Generally, everyone thinks of using Feng Shui to create better wealth and more financial freedom. This should not be the only reason why you are considering using Feng Shui. The real reason is all of us wants more time for ourselves to do the things that we enjoyed doing, with good relationships from the people that is in our life. Through tapping onto prosperous Qi energy of Fengshui, these are the key benefits of Fengshui.

Improving One's Health

A key benefit of Fengshui is when your house is properly optimised with good Qi energy, this starts to improve your health. Equipped with a good exercise routine and proper diet, you can feel your old ailment can improve over time. The bed location and where it faces is one of the techniques towards health healing.

Progressive Work Performance

Using Fengshui at your office, this allows you to be able to make better decision at work. It improves your productivity, working relationship with your customers and management. This increased performance will enhance your opportunity of a promotion and takes up more portfolio.

Strengthening Positive Relations

One of the most important benefits of Fengshui is you can see the improvement of relationships at home. A space that is negatively configured often leads to conflict and arguments at home. Through good Fengshui implementation, you can have better communication, and this allows you to focus on the better important things in life such as your career development, instead of firefighting moments that lead to anguish and poor mental health. An easy way to tap onto the energy is by tapping onto the right direction of timely energy in your living room space as well as your bedroom. In the Period 9 energy, considered tapping onto the South direction to improve relationship and future planning.

Laser Focus Goal and Motivation

There are some poorly configured spaces that can cause you to lose focus, and lack of motivation. Through Fengshui, you can strengthen your focus and motivation level. This means you will be able to complete more task timely, make less mistake and this allow you to perform better at your career. With better performance, it leads to better financial pay-out such as promotional opportunities. 

Lead a Fulfilling Life

The ultimate benefits of Fengshui are to strengthen every aspect of your life. With a well-supported family that sees each other as a pillar of support and harmony in your house. The time spent with each other is key to a fulfilling life when everyone is enjoying each other time and effort. Through Fengshui, you get to lead a life with fulfilment, strengthened family core value, as well as the ability to have the financial means to support your dream and goals. 


Three Aspect Of Luck Influence

There are three aspect of where luck influences us in our life. These derived from the trinity energy of Heaven, Earth and Man Luck. There is a one third influence from each aspect of the Trinity energy. 

Heaven Luck

The first luck that influence us is the Heaven Luck. This is based on our date of birth and time. We cannot control or alter the Heaven Luck, but we can understand the timeline and make well informed decision to influence the outcome. There are many systems and knowledge that can study the Heaven Luck. They are Bazi, Four Pillar of Destiny, the Purple Star Astrology, western astrology and Vedic astrology. Every aspect of the knowledge can assist with interrelating timeline and event of happenings. 

Earth Luck

The next type of luck is known as the Earth Luck. This is governed by the location, landform and surrounding of the place you reside in. Not every land is made equal, thus there are some land that can cause more negative energy that affects the residents staying in the location. We can enhance the energy of the house using Fengshui. This allow us to tap onto the prosperous energy and deflect negative energy known as Sha Qi. Starting with the usage of a Luopan (compass), we can measure energy that is arriving at the house accurately, and how it contributes to the performance of every individual staying in the house.

Using Fengshui to alter home energy can improve relationship at home, better health and improved productivity and work performance. However, it should not be considered as a get rich quick methodology where one need not put in action and effort, and they will be rewarded with a good life just by simply having good Fengshui. Earth Luck will always need to work with Heaven and Man luck to maximise its result.

Man Luck

The last type of Luck influence is Man Luck. This is governed by our action and effort that we take in our life. Every aspect from your focus, motivation, attitude, driven to do more in life will contribute to your life performance. The way you communicate at work, at home, you pursue of knowledge and education, highly motivated and driven goals. All these aspects can be enhanced through Fengshui.

It is thus important to note that as our thought system governs our action, you should always maintain a highly positive attitude in your life, learn from the successful people on their techniques and have empathy and gratitude. Since Man Luck governs our freewill, we have a one third influence of luck that we can control. 

You may have heard of success is when preparation meets opportunity. Preparation is your Man luck, and you should always work to maximise your knowledge, hard work, effort, while opportunity is the combination of Heaven Luck and Earth Luck. 

Diving Deeper into Trinity Energy

Through the evolvement of the trinity energy, you can work on your Man Luck and analyse your Heaven Luck. Your Bazi will provide you insight to your 10 Years luck cycle, at the same time there are going to be different influence coming at the annual luck pillar. When you perform your best at work, you have maximised your Man Luck. Although this can be reflected at your 10 Years Luck cycle that you have taken on higher responsibility and bigger roles, which translate to stronger income opportunities, this only can happen when you did indeed work hard. This is proof that without Man luck, your destiny of having a good 10-year luck cycle can be a missed opportunity. At the annual luck pillar, you can be informed of a possibility of an upcoming opportunity of promotion, the outcome can only confirmed by good work performance (man luck). The 10 years luck cycle can provide clues of your asset accumulation, career development and other possible trajectory. Proper usage of Feng shui tips can help you to prepare for a challenging year ahead. Since we cannot change our Heaven Luck, you can use Earth luck through Fengshui to enhance, and Man luck with you performing at your peak.

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