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Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong - Harness the Power of Feng Shui for Success and Prosperity

Top Award-Winning Feng Shui Consultancy Firm Globally: Kevin Foong Consulting Group

At our distinguished Feng Shui consultancy in Singapore, we prioritize the classical approach, concentrating on Imperial Land Form Feng Shui, San He Feng Shui, San Yuan Xuan Kong, and Bazi. Guided by Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong, who has over 23 years of research experience, our consultancy has achieved recognition as one of the Peak Top 40 Under Forty. As a leading Singapore Feng Shui academy, we have educated more than 25,000 students worldwide, conducting live seminars and online courses in China, Taiwan, New York, Manila, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore. Our consultancy is committed to the authenticity of Feng Shui, emphasizing the significance of organizing home and office environments to harness auspicious energy or "Qi". As a skilled feng shui master, we utilize the classical metaphysical system to empower our clients in reaching their goals and transforming their lives. By understanding landform, Qi flow, river mouth formation, and Qi energy regulation, we can enhance our clients' well-being by properly positioning their bed and improving their stove sector. We also facilitate career advancement by optimizing workspaces with Feng Shui principles. Our comprehensive approach evaluates external landforms up to 400m outside a residence to optimize the energy flow within one's home, ensuring maximum success. At our consultancy, we are confident that genuine Feng Shui can revolutionize lives and assist individuals in achieving their aspirations. With our vast expertise as a feng shui master, we can guide you in improving your health, career, and relationships, leading to a more fulfilling life.

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