Myth or Fact? Auspicious Date to Bank In Money in 2018 Chinese New Year Period

Every year there are long queues at the bank to deposit their money for the Chinese New Year period. This started quite a few years ago from a circulated post asking people to deposit money into their bank account based on certain auspicious date and time as the post claim this will bring luck and money to them for the year ahead. Unfortunately, in Chinese astrology, none of this method work at all. It was rumored such marketing campaign are created by the bank. This created unnecessary work load for the banks to have more employees stand by to manage the crowd.

In fact, contrary to the truth, money that already belong to you, by taking money out from location A [cash] and depositing it into location B [your personal bank account]. There is absolutely no increment, and since there is zero increment, how does that constitute as ‘increase of wealth’?

Thus, I would like to educate readers not to depress your mood for the Chinese New Year period by joining pointless long queues. Those that have been doing these for years, please asked yourself has there been any increase of wealth ever since you started doing so? Even Chinese astrology has to be authenticated through facts and logic. Let this be a great start to 2018 for you.

Stay tune for our Qi Men Dun Jia auspicious date and time to make your wish and prayers for temple and churches. Qi Men Dun Jia governs the current time space and by tapping onto the auspicious direction, one can increased the chances of having their wish come true and achieve success faster.

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