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Seeking Feng Shui Consultation For Your Home? Top 8 signs of negative energy at home :

1. Always Feeling Tired
You wake up every single day feeling unmotivated and don’t seems to look forward to make positive change. Even resting sufficient hours, it doesn’t keep you awake and focus. Your productivity is all time low.

2. Stagnant In your CareerYou have been in the same job for a long time, where it doesn’t seems to have promotion opportunity or light at the end of the tunnel. Even there is one, that chance always goes to someone else.

3. Difficulty in SavingDespite being prudent and careful with finance, no matter how much you set aside each month, there are bound to be events that caught you by surprise which bleeds your saving.

4. Always Meeting The Wrong PeopleWhether it is at your work environment, dealing with clients, or in a relationship, you seems to be meeting dramatic and toxic people who is wasting your time and energy.

5. Family and Spouse Problem
Although a family should be looking out to support each other, you just can’t explain the series of events that seem to be tearing up the family as if it is pushed by unknown force and factor.

6. A Strong Sense of Worries
Family members get panic easily and worry constantly in all areas of their lives. It is difficult to have a peaceful mind.

7. Kept Falling Sick Continuously
You maintain a healthy routine, exercise and work out, but still have plague of illnesses occurring every now and then.

8. Frustration, Temper & Unappreciated
You can’t seem to figure out how to achieve your goal the way you wanted it. People are not appreciative of you and takes you for granted. It is difficult to control the mood swing and temperament.

Inauspicious Qi (negative energy) in the house can cause illnesses, loss of wealth and reputation, attracts legal suits, poor relationship between family members and bad academics performance. It is therefore very important to be staying in a place with good Feng Shui energy. Some place has only good short term Feng Shui, which means after a certain years, all the negative issues start to unfold. There are two parts in a Feng Shui assessment consultation. The external land form (all 8 directions outside the block / house where we check for elevation, busy road, river, tunnel, expressway, garden etc) governs the long term Feng Shui, while your home internal environment and energy flow governs the short term Feng Shui.

Do I need to do major renovation for good Feng Shui?It is not required as classical Feng Shui is about the right sector or key energy flow. You would be surprised sometime it is just about positioning yourself in a better energy sector. Other things like water features, aquarium, swimming pool are important to be in the right sector in order not to trigger a crisis.

What are the key sector for home internal Feng Shui consultation?

  • Main Door Facing
  • Stove location
  • Bed location
  • Study Area
  • Checking for negative energy flow in the house
  • If the house energy is properly configured to activate wealth and career opportunity

How fast do you usually see results?
Normally once the rectification is done or you have officially moved in, right after 3-6 months, you should be feeling the great effects that comes with good Feng Shui. Some people even felt changes happening within 4 weeks. Of course, Feng Shui is just one part of it that affects your luck. There is also your personal Bazi luck and the decision you make (man luck) which is an influencing factor.

For Home Owner that have yet to purchase the house, we can use emperor land form Feng Shui techniques to determine the auspiciousness of the landform of the house, this allow us to determine the long term Feng Shui for this place. External feng shui governs 60% of the energy, while internal feng shui governs 40% of it.

If you have already purchased the house, we would use the techniques of San He Feng Shui & Xuan Kong Feng Shui to plan for auspicious energy flow within the house.

Residential feng shui consultation provides a thorough analysis of your home’s Feng shui. External factors such as your surrounding, structure forms, negative energy and overall 360 view are taken into consideration for the audit. In detail, the audit particularly focus on areas that creates problem for the household members with regards to health, career and relationships. Using Xuan Kong and San He Feng Shui, we can determine if the Qi (energy) for the period is beneficial and possible outcome and events for the residents. Important factors would be your main door, kitchen, master bedroom, and other important areas. Advice with rectification of the problem areas are recommended to improve the destiny of the whole family staying in the place.

Using classical feng shui techniques, we are able to harness good energy of the property to improve the following:

  • Increase wealth and career opportunities
  • Enhance the health of the residents
  • Strengthen relationship and minimise conflict
  • Achievement of fame and reputation
  • Improve academic achievement

A proper date to carry out all the rectification is very important as conducive date and time will reduce the impact of clashes (negative energy) and thus achieve the desired outcome at a faster pace. This process is known as date selection.

Ideally, the Feng Shui assessment for your property is best conducted before you purchase or rent. If you are thinking of building a new house or selecting a new house, it is best to consult us before commencement, so the structure conform to the best feng shui practices to harness the auspicious Qi (energy). Such increase the capacity of the house feng shui.

Our Feng Shui Process Includes:

  • On site Feng Shui Audit & Analysis
  • Deflecting negative energy
  • House Internal Environment Analysis
  • Analysis of Door, Kitchen and Bedroom
  • Activation of Auspicious Sector
  • Enhance the Peach Blossom relationship
  • Activating wealth for the whole household
  • Wealth, study and career corner
  • Date and Sector selection for Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Moving-in
  • House moving-in process flow

Note: There is no need to purchase feng shui product for placement, as classical feng shui focus on at land form, quality of Qi and harnessing Qi energy.

 The Audit Process

  1. On the first visit, our consultants will visit the place on site for feng shui assessment and he will provide advice on the spot on what is required to be done.
  2. Assessment are based on main door, bed location, stove, area that has water.
  3. There is strictly no purchase of feng shui products as we are a classical feng shui school that study mountain and river formation. Feng shui products are new age feng shui which we do not subscribed to.
  4. A summary of what is recommended to be done will be sent in 7 business day.
  5. A renovation start date and time is provided for the renovation workers to have a smooth work process.
  6. A move-in date is provided for auspiciousness.
  7. After you have moved in, a second scheduled visit on-site by the senior consultants to verify all the recommendation is completed properly.
  8. You can opt for our senior consultants or Master Kevin Foong personally.

*Master Kevin schedule is usually fully booked 1 month in advance. Please schedule your audit booking early to avoid disappointment.


Current House Feng Shui

Current House Feng Shui
The Feng Shui of your house affects the well-being of all the occupants. Some signs of a bad feng shui place are health, relationship problem, stagnant with career and wealth related issues. The birth details of all occupants is taken into account when planning for a good feng shui house. 

Selecting A New House

Selecting A New House
It is crucial to use Feng Shui to analyse which house is the best unit when selecting a new House. The external environment of your house determines the Feng Shui capacity of how much the occupants can benefit from the new place. From river formation, land form, lift exit area. This is one step everyone should look into when buying a new house. 


About Kevin Foong Consulting Group

Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸) is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui & Bazi consultant globally. He delivers keynote addresses on subject of Feng Shui to more than 18 countries and speaks to more than one million people annually. Kevin has worked on iconic key development projects Feng Shui planning such as the R.Iconic Melbourne, private condominium and office development.

With 1.2 millions of students and followers, Master Kevin Foong personally conduct Feng Shui and Bazi seminars worldwide. Feng Shui masters and practitioner all over the world attend his classes for advanced meta-physics knowledge and best practices. Multi-national companies, celebrities, government officials and high net worth individuals sought his advice on Feng Shui and Bazi.

Kevin has 20 years of research in the following subject:

  • San He Landforms Feng Shui (三合地理风水)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui (玄空大卦风水)
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars (三元玄空飞星)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selections (玄空大卦择日法)
  • San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲)
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Purple White Classic (紫白诀)
  • Yin House Feng Shui (Grave & Tombstones) (阴宅风水)
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis (八字命理)
  • Bazi Date Selections (八字择日)
  • Palm Reading (掌相学)
  • Face Reading (面相学)

Kevin has been extensively featured in top news media, TV interviews & publications like: The Sunday Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, AsiaOne, The Peak Magazine, The New Age Parents, The Epoch Times, Singapore Press Holding, The Women’s Weekly, The Grassroots Club Magazine, The Top 40 Under Forty and is a key columnist on “Feng Shui” topic to many publications and media releases.

Featured By

featured by

Kevin received the Spirit of Enterprise Award from Singapore Senior Minister of State, Mr Lee Yi Shyan in 2010 for his successful entrepreneur effort. In 2012, he was featured in Prestige Singapore Top 40 Under Forty. Subsequently, he also received the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2013 and the Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award 2013 presented by Apple Co-founder, Mr. Steve Wozniak. He was nominated by Mr Vikram Nair, Member of Parliament For Sembawang GRC and conferred the Asia Pacific Brand Award 2014 by Mr Zainudin Nordin, Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. He was interviewed by Channel News Asia and South China Morning Post in the Singapore National Day feature and The Peak magazine by Singapore Press Holdings. He also writes for various magazine columns such as The Singapore Grassroots’ Club, The New Age Parents, on Feng Shui and Bazi and has been quoted by The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, AsiaOne and the Business Times.

Our high profile clientele includes international and local corporate leaders, businessmen, politicians, professionals, celebrities, entertainers among others. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the professionalism required in dealing with the extra sensitivity involved in protecting the identity and confidentiality of our clients.

His enthusiasm and quest for true metaphysics knowledge have contributed to his success as a world renown feng shui expert, consultant and teacher.

 Brands We Worked With

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R.Iconic Melbourne Feng Shui By Kevin Foong

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Feng Shui Project in Bukit Timah by Master Kevin Foong

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Feng Shui Project at Charlton 27

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Bungalow Feng Shuifeng shui project 01

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Feng Shui project for Coronation Road

Feng Shui project for Coronation Road

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