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HDB Unit Feng Shui Selection

The external landform of the HDB Feng Shui you stay is of utmost importance. It governs 60% of the energy, while the internal Feng Shui audit focus on the energy flow of your house and controls 40% of its auspiciousness. This is why you want to be sure you are staying in the right estate and unit, as once you have purchased the place, there is no going back. You would be stuck with the home for at least a few years. For example, you may have heard Bukit Timah residents in Singapore have many high net worth families staying there. All of their houses faces a different direction, yet it seems this community is of a better Feng Shui area than another area. External land form governs the prosperity energy of a land. To determine auspiciousness, we must study all eight directions, river mouth, and landform elevation. Extensive research on Feng Shui is done on the estate as we would be looking for places that are beneficial in the long term. 

How does this works?

Forward us a few HDB places (up to 5 places of their physical address) that you are keen and we will do the research and let you know which is the best place to purchase or rent. It can be different blocks or unit in the different estate. Note that this service does not include the house's complete internal Feng Shui audit.