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Hdb Feng Shui By Senior Consultant

Inauspicious Qi (bad energy) in the house can cause illnesses, loss of wealth and reputation, attracts legal suits, poor relationship between family members and bad academics performance.

Residential feng shui consultation provides a thorough analysis of your home’s Feng shui. External factors such as your surrounding, structure forms and overall 360 view are taken into consideration for the audit. In detail, the audit particularly focus on areas that creates problem for the household members with regards to health, career and relationships. Using Xuan Kong and San He Feng Shui, we can determine if the Qi (energy) for the period is beneficial and possible outcome and events for the residents. Important factors would be your main door, kitchen, master bedroom, and other important areas. Advice with rectification of the problem areas are recommended to improve the destiny of the whole family staying in the place.

Using classical feng shui techniques, we are able to harness good energy of the property to improve the following:

  • Increase wealth and career opportunities
  • Enhance the health of the residents
  • Strengthen relationship and minimise conflict
  • Achievement of fame and reputation
  • Improve academic achievement

A proper date to carry out all the rectification is very important as conducive date and time will reduce the impact of clashes (negative energy) and thus achieve the desired outcome at a faster pace.

Ideally, the feng shui assessment for your property is best conducted before it is built, so solution is provided to build a well balance Qi house to benefit all resident. If you are thinking of building a new house or selecting a new house, it is best to consult us before commencement, so the structure conform to the best feng shui practices to harness the auspcious Qi (energy). Such increase the capacity of the house feng shui.

Feng Shui Process Includes:

  • On site Feng Shui Audit & Analysis
  • House External Environment Analysis
  • House Internal Environment Analysis
  • Analysis of Door, Kitchen and Bedroom
  • Activation of Auspicious Sector
  • Enhance the Peach Blossom relationship
  • Activate the wealth corner
  • Wealth, study and career corner
  • Date and Sector selection for Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Moving-in
  • House moving-in process flow

Note: Residential Feng Shui Consultation can only be done on-site. There is no need to purchase feng shui product for placement, as classical feng shui focus on at land form, quality of Qi and water mouth location.

Audit Process

  1. This audit is personally conducted by our senior consultant of Kevin Foong Consulting Group.
  2. Our senior consultant will visit the place on site for feng shui assessment.
  3. Assessment are based on main door, bed location, stove, area that has water.
  4. There is strictly no purchase of feng shui products as we are a classical feng shui school that study mountain and river formation. Feng shui products are new age feng shui which we do not subscribed to.
  5. An assessment report with all the recommendation will be sent in 5-7 business day. 
  6. A renovation start date and time is provided for the renovation workers to have a smooth work process.
  7. A move-in date is provided for auspiciousness.
  8. A second visit on-site (for new house) by our senior consultant to verify all the recommendation is completed properly.