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Cesarean Birth Selection

Every parents want to ensure a fortunate life for their child. A good BaZi of the child brings great fortune not only to himself but only for the whole family. In Bazi study, there are stars that represent the parent. Having good and auspicious stars in these palaces denotes the child parents is wealthy and fortunate. With the link ensures the parent’s luck improves after the birth of the child. Some of you may have witness your close friend luck seems to have change for the better after they had a child, while other parents luck went down after a particular child. Such cases is usually caused by a child BaZi that is not supportive of their parents.

On the other hand, having a clash in the Bazi chart of the child can see his parents going through divorce or bad health. In ancient time, people would say the child “Ke” (clash) the parents, thus giving them tremendous amount of misery and hardship. You need to understand this is not the child’s problem, but the elemental influences of the child birth time that resulted these outcomes.

A Birth Date selection for Cesarean Birth involves tremendous amount of work as each day BaZi have endless possibilities. We can only assist during the 10 Day period which you decide to give birth. The gender of the child must be ensured and provided to us prior to the date selection.

A child with a good supportive time of birth is for the following:

  • Good health with no major clashes in BaZi (takes away chances of cancer, birth defects, other serious health issues)
  • Possess good luck cycle during their age 20s – 60s
  • Does not clash his own parents (some parents luck goes down when the child is born in a time that is said to clash the parents) 
  • Have supportive luck (nobleman) to aid the child during time of needs
  • Tap onto his wealth luck easily
  • Good superior luck (get promoted easily in the future)
  • Supportive parents (a bad chart can mean the parents have high chances of divorce or separation)
  • Good learning skills

Cesarean Birth Selection consultation can be done online or live consultation with Master Kevin Foong. Please allow 10 working days for the research to be completed as it is extremely crucial to have a good birth date and time selected within 10 days period prior to estimated delivery due date.