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Baby Chinese Name Selection


Baby Chinese Name Selection

Having a good set of Chinese name is very important for your newborn child as the name will provide them a head start in life. An auspicious name allows the child to develop good characteristic and skill sets which is very crucial for his golden years. It also ensure there is no clashes of the Chinese characters so there is minimal health impact. The second character of the Chinese name denotes the relationship and spouse palace, while the last Chinese character represent the career, wealth and their superior luck.

The benefits of having a good auspicious Chinese name selection for babies are:

  • Positive character and personality
  • Accumulation of wealth
  • Nobleman, helpful support in life
  • Academical driven
  • Foster good relationship with their spouse
  • Getting a good job
  • Improved health
  • Good relationship with their children

What you need to prepare:

  • For baby, just provide the date of birth and time
  • Gender

What you will receive in 7 business days after payment:

  • 4 Sets of new proposed Chinese Names for you to choose
  • Auspicious timing to register and change new Identity Card at the Immigration centre.