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The Feng Shui Mastery course comprises of 2 modules, the Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui and the San He Feng Shui Mastery. It is a thorough comprehensive system on classical feng shui knowledge and theories. Students are taught fundamental knowledge in using classical feng shui for assessing different types of properties and their environment. One would be able to map the different energy Qi sectors using Xuan Kong Flying Stars and activating the good feng shui properties for results. The San He Feng Shui Mastery focus on understanding how Qi works on the external environment and how should one focus on planning their main door, internal design of their house, offices in order to maximise the best feng shui outcome.On the last day of the course, there will be on-site field trip in a live shopping mall where students will put what they learn into good use. Just by using our naked eyes without the use of Luo Pan (Chinese Compass), students were shown which units in the shopping mall are the one that will do well, compared to units that is doing very poorly. 

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars

  • Introduction to Feng Shui Fundamentals
  • The 5 elements concept
  • The foundation of the 8 Trigrams
  • 8 Guas and their properties
  • Trigram Evolution
  • Heavenly Stems Formation
  • Earthly Branches
  • River Map
  • Luo Shu and He Tu (Yellow River Map)
  • The 24 Mountains
  • The 9 Stars Mountain
  • Period 8 Feng Shui
  • Prosperous Water Techniques
  •  Understanding Qi Concept – Sentimental and Sha Qi
  • 20 examples of Qi concept in modern world
  • The Cycles and Periods
  •  81 Stars Combination
  • Advanced Flying Star Combination and its application
  • Internal Qi Distribution using Flying Stars
  •  Parent String, Pearl String, 7 Stars Robbery Formation
  • Mapping energy field
  • Best Flying Star formation for shop houses, malls, offices

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Workshop Fees - $5997

San He Feng Shui

  • Understanding the concept of San He Feng Shui 
  • Qi flow and structural concepts
  • San He Water Advanced Formulas
  • The 3 Combination Frames
  • The 24 Mountains
  • The 12 Growth Stages
  • 72 Dragon and their formation
  • The 4 Big Water Mouths
  • Understanding the fundamental of Seating
  • Advanced Water feng shui concept
  • Energy Qi and its structure
  • Tapping on prosperous energy for offices
  • Stoves and Qi usage
  • Best San He formation for Cashier, Exits, Offices, Shop houses, malls
  •  Understanding Mountain and River formation
  • Water and Qi Flow
  • Actual application to select the best unit for your house and office
  • The 4 water mouths formula

San He Feng Shui Workshop Fees - $5997

We have conducted our flagship Classical Feng Shui classes for more than thousands of students worldwide for both practitioners and normal users that utilise this system to guide their path to success. The feng shui course is designed for easy learning with a step by step guidance by Master Kevin Foong for architects, interior designers, developers, home owner, as well as feng shui enthusiast! Using the successful system of classical feng shui, one can achieve more in life, whether its for health, relationship, businesses and amassing wealth. 

Using just purely BaZi and classical Feng Shui techniques, Kevin Foong leads by example of turning his start-ups into a multi-million business at age of 28 and awarded Top 40 under Forty in Asia along with other entrepreneur awards and accolades. Hear it from our students directly and see how you can benefit from achieving this knowledge that is only previously accessible by government astrologer in the past.


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