March 03, 2017

A good wedding date selection is a good remedy to minimise the in-compatibility of the couple of their BaZi and to ensure smooth flowing of the relationship. Take no chance when choosing an auspicious wedding date. A bad date can cause serious problem with your spouse or in-laws when there are clashes. A good supportive wedding date can prosper the couple after their marriage. Not only we perform check on the date for the bride and groom, it is also ensured the parents Bazi do not clashes with the date. This is important as some people encountered problem with their in-law right after their marriage. The most important date is the date registered for your registered of marriage recognised by the country government.

Our wedding date selection package includes the following:

  • Selection of your ROM Date
  • Selection of your Customary Wedding Date
  • Good wedding dates are not selected by the commonly used Tong Shu which is highly inaccurate or easily generated by software in an instant. It is based on traditional classical method that perform checks on the actual bazi of both the couples and their parents.

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