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The major benefits of prosperity live burial (zhong sheng ji) are:

  • Healing the person body in all aspect
  • Achieve great achievement in career and wealth
  • Longevity for the person
  • Serious accidents involving life and death will be avoided
  • Protect the person against malicious intent people
  • Recovery from setback in life
  • Getting out of major legal implication
  • Receive big opportunities in amassing wealth
  • A very sick person can receive swift recovery


Prosperity Live Burial Technique otherwise known as 種生基 (zhong sheng ji)

The birth time of a person cannot be changed. Through destiny analysis system such as Bazi, one can interpret a person’s fortune and their ups and downs. Therefore, the time of birth dictates a person success and failure along with time and seasonal changes. The human body is composed of “earth, water, fire, wind” polymerization and the earth similarly also contains the “earth, water, fire, and wind” energy. Using the land energy selected from a good live burial site, one can draw all the auspicious energy to change one's destiny. Having the right knowledge in selecting the land that conforms to live burial formation is extremely important.

The history of live grave burial comes from ancient China emperor who had their astrologers to find the most prosperous spot of land that has good energy (Qi). It is strongly believed that if the dead emperor is being buried in good land form, it can bring great prosperity and luck to the descendant for three generations. The theory of this practice lies in the blood line that is linked to the future generation.

Using the technique of prosperity live grave feng shui (also known as longevity grave), it involves creating a live grave for a living person so one can benefit from the good feng shui energy through the DNA.

What is required for this live burial process?

  • Fingers and toes nails
  • A snippet of hair
  • Old tooth (if you kept them since young)
  • Blood (registered nurse will assist you)
  • Worn clothing, shoes, undergarment (clean set)
  • Silver and gold coins (provided by us)
  • 8 types of precious gem stones (provided by us)




Famous celebrities in Hong Kong and worldwide reportedly use the prosperity live burial feng shui to improve their life further.


The prosperity live burial process involves selecting a good feng shui site that is suitable for the live grave. The knowledge of land form feng shui is key to a successful live burial site. Together with a highly auspicious date and Taoist prayer ceremony prior to burial. Current live burial site is located in Taipei Guan Yin Mountain.

When Will I Feel the Difference?
Generally after 3 to 6 months, you should see a shiny glow in your skin complexion. In face reading, skin color is representative of our luck we're going through. Dark gloomy skin means one is going through bad luck. Light, shiny radiant glow on the fore head is the first sign one will see. Gradually, you should also see the difference in your ability to receive large opportunities of wealth and prospects for your career.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in the live grave. Our clientele are normally high profile and net-worth individuals, you can be ensured high confidentiality in the whole process.




以「地理」的靈氣來幫助「人身」的靈氣,以大地的「地水火風」與人身的「地水火風」相感通而達到「改運」的效果,這就是「生基」的原理。生基法是屬於風水術中一種精要之造運大法。藉由造生基取得天地自然之地靈旺氣, 於真龍穴場修築生基,將天地山川之地靈感應傳達己身,達到摧官、進祿、 啟智、功名、保命、增壽、求婚、求子、招財等目的。




生基法門能使事主之學業、 事業、財運、官運、家運皆能吉祥如意。除此之外還能助其延壽、消災。故生基大法實可謂之人的「新生」之法 。





強 磁場。


七、企業家處於事業低潮,債務纏身,官非不斷,用生基大法將能使您東山 再 起,重登高峰。





About Kevin Foong Consulting Group

Master Kevin Foong (馮維宸) is one of the most sought-after professional Feng Shui & Bazi consultant globally. He delivers keynote addresses on subject of Feng Shui and Entrepreneurship to more than 18 countries and speaks to more than one million people annually.

With 1.2 millions of students and followers, Master Kevin Foong personally conduct Feng Shui and Bazi seminars worldwide. Feng Shui masters and practitioner all over the world attend his classes for advanced meta-physics knowledge and best practices. Multi-national companies, celebrities, government officials and high net worth individuals sought his advice on Feng Shui and Bazi. 

Kevin has 20 years of research in the following subject:

  • San He Landforms Feng Shui (三合地理风水)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui (玄空大卦风水)
  • San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars (三元玄空飞星)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selections (玄空大卦择日法)
  • San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (三元奇门遁甲)
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Purple White Classic (紫白诀)
  • Yin House Feng Shui (Grave & Tombstones) (阴宅风水)
  • Bazi Destiny Analysis (八字命理)
  • Bazi Date Selections (八字择日)
  • Palm Reading (掌相学)
  • Face Reading (面相学)

Kevin has been extensively featured in top news media, TV interviews & publications like: The Sunday Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, AsiaOne, The Peak Magazine, The New Age Parents, The Epoch Times, Singapore Press Holding, The Women’s Weekly, The Grassroots Club Magazine, The Top 40 Under Forty and is a key columnist on "Feng Shui" topic to many publications and media releases.


 Featured By

Kevin received the Spirit of Enterprise Award from Singapore Senior Minister of State, Mr Lee Yi Shyan in 2010 for his successful entrepreneur effort. In 2012, he was featured in Prestige Singapore Top 40 Under Forty. Subsequently, he also received the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in 2013 and the Midas Touch Enterprise Gold Award 2013 presented by Apple Co-founder, Mr. Steve Wozniak. He was nominated by Mr Vikram Nair, Member of Parliament For Sembawang GRC and conferred the Asia Pacific Brand Award 2014 by Mr Zainudin Nordin, Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. He was interviewed by Channel News Asia and South China Morning Post in the Singapore National Day feature and The Peak magazine by Singapore Press Holdings. He also writes for various magazine columns such as The Singapore Grassroots’ Club, The New Age Parents, on Feng Shui and Bazi and has been quoted by The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, AsiaOne and the Business Times.

Our high profile clientele includes international and local corporate leaders, businessmen, politicians, professionals, celebrities, entertainers among others. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the professionalism required in dealing with the extra sensitivity involved in protecting the identity and confidentiality of our clients. 

His enthusiasm and quest for true metaphysics knowledge have contributed to his success as a world renown feng shui expert, consultant and teacher.


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