March 04, 2017

Good Feng Shui for your office, business or commercial outlet is extremely important as it can affect sales, growth and productivity.

An office with bad feng shui almost can feel the change within 3 months, mainly

  • Poor sales 
  • Very low productivity
  • Customers who refuse to pay on time
  • Customers who paid but continuously to complain about every other aspect of the service
  • Staffs management issue
  • Very political and quarrelsome office environment

Even in the same office building on the same level, not all office unit has the same feng shui formation. The door of every office unit is the key indicator to determine positive or negative energy flow.

Ever wonder why some businesses seems to fail in a short period of time, while some prosper shortly after 6 months of operation? The secret of finding success in your business is largely determined by the Feng Shui of your business property. The position of your doors, placement of the cash register, your key managers sitting location and their offices need to be accurately positioned to ensure good Feng Shui Qi (energy) to support the business operations and success. Combined with San He and San Yuan classical Feng Shui methodology, Master Kevin also look at land form to create good feng shui for commercial premises. Using classical feng shui techniques, we are able to harness good energy of the commercial property.

Every commercial feng shui audit involve the following steps:

  • Master Kevin will be on-site for the live assessment (first visit)
  • Determining auspiciousness of main door
  • Optimising the energy flow of the internal office layout
  • Improving Business Sales and Opportunities
  • Enhance good and harmonious relationships of your employees
  • Increased productivity of the operation
  • Reduce and eliminate negative energy
  • Optimise table location for CEO or executive directors
  • Determine the best sitting location for key personnel
  • A feng shui report documenting all the recommendation would be sent within 5-7 business days.
  • An auspicious renovation start work and time will be provided
  • The auspicious move in date and time will be provided
  • A second visit by Master Kevin Foong to verify all recommendation is properly installed.

Office Building

The seating of all key personnel of the office is crucial when it comes to Office Feng Shui. Placement of good position for the CEO, important position holders affect the performance of the company as a whole. Other key factors include location of the office main door and internal structure for good Qi flow. We have worked with banks such as Westpac.



Factories & Warehouses

Workers well-being are important when it comes to factories Feng Shui audit as the production are affected if there are negative energy that causes conflict. The key focus are also on the location of the machinery where they are placed so there is no accidents and break down. Key personnel best sitting position are included in the analysis.

Shopping Malls

The entrance and exit of the shopping malls is crucial as the Qi flow will affect visitors to the mall. Location of the management office, branded outlets and other landmark are key factor of successful Feng Shui. Whether a shopping mall is going to be crowded or lack of people depends on these feng shui principles. 

Restaurants & Cafes

The main door entrance of your restaurant, position of your cashier location and placement of the kitchen are paramount focus for good Feng Shui. Ensuring good flow of energy provides a conducive environment for the staffs. Selecting the best feng shui unit in a shopping mall for your restaurant or cafe is the first step to successful planning of your outlet. 

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