March 05, 2017

  • Are you at a cross road facing difficulty making decision for important event?
  • Are you searching for guidance and answers on what to do?
  • Do you want to know your wealth capacity in life?
  • Do you want to know your potential health problem so you can prevent further issues?
  • Are you the type to start a partnership, work for your boss or just be your own boss?
  • If you are starting a business, do you know which business you will have an upper hand to begin with?
  • Are you always having relationship issues?
  • Are you concern about health issues?

The correlation of your date of birth and time contains vital information to your destiny. You can unlock your true potential and gain better understanding to your destiny path by making well informed decision at the right time. Your life events is shaped by every single decision that you made. Knowing when to start a business, form new partnership or changing your job give you the upper hand to success quickly, with the path of less resistance.

Our consultation are never telling you what missing element in your chart, what colors you should wear, and all the technical Bazi jargon to confuse you further. Our focus is to know the problem that is troubling you and help you to make well informed decision.

Your destiny is not 100% fated or fixed. Understanding your own Bazi helps you to work with uncertainties and knowing your inner strength and weakness. A Bazi analysis will aid you to look at your luck cycle (external influences), knowing how it will affect and influence your life. Making the right decision at the right time put you through the path of less resistance, and thus faster to your goal success.

What can Bazi analysis reveal about your life?

  • Your strength and weakness
  • Your personality
  • The best industry for you
  • Wealth capacity in life
  • Are you suitable for business?
  • Your potential health risk
  • Are you working in the right industry?
  • Can you rely on your children?
  • Good or bad marriage

Can We Really Change Our Destiny?

Master Kevin believes a person success in his life is determined by the decisions that he made at the right time and his life capacity in the Bazi. If the person knows there is going to be negative luck cycle (external factors), staying low profile and avoiding dangerous investment, activities can save this person from a ‘destined disaster’. On the other hand, on a good luck cycle, tapping on opportunities at the right time, setting up a business, partnership, expansion will jump-start his success faster. Your destiny is altered by the changes and action you choose to take, after knowing your destiny path. Nothing is changed if no action is done even you are in good luck cycle. You should be in control of your own destiny.



Derek Goh
“My consultation with Master Kevin Foong was very detailed and rational, intriguing as the latter may seem when applied onto the world of Metaphysics. I was particularly impressed by the logic of the thought processes behind the readings and why they were thus applicable. Master Foong was also very patient and methodical about his explanation about the philosophy and structure behind Bazi Reading which I found lacking in two previous practitioners I had been exposed to during my course of work. I feel that for the token of appreciation required, it was very reasonable and I left the session feeling more confident about what I should maximise on and what I should be cautious on. You could say that the consultation gave me an added confidence booster about my future, as intangible and incapable of measurement as that may seem. I also cannot dispute the accuracy of Master Foong’s readings as the vast majority (over 90%) were valid. All in all, an excellent consultation.”


Josaphin Toh
"I thank Master Kevin Foong for his expertise in providing comprehensive revelation of my Bazi chart and name analysis. He has been very patient to clarify my queries. Most importantly, he was able to deduce spot-on possibilities/traits of events/people from analysing the chart. I was most surprised that he could find out personal things and rationalised by the bazi chart without me saying anything. This is definitely not a cold reading of any sort. The coherent explanation from Master Kevin allowed insights for me to plan, rethink and maximise the possibilities of my life’s vision. Complementing to the Bazi chart reading, I had my name analysed. Remarkably, his comments were spot on with the unusual details. Similarly to how a good/suitable company name affects any businesses, I believe that a complementing chinese name to my bazi with holistic meaning would be essential. With the new selection of my Chinese name, I look forward to improved luck in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Master Kevin’s professional consultation and services. “


“Not only is kevin is exceptionally accurate with his work, but he presents my past,current and future situation in a clear manner, and gave me many advices in my career and health so I can make the best decision. He gave me a little bazi crash course and taught me to read my daily bazi, which really sets him apart from all the previous readings i attended in the past. I would suggest to anyone to take notes (if possible) during the reading.I feel that kevin is very approachable and practical with his readings, I will recommend him if you are looking for answers to certain aspect of your life!" 

There are 3 types of Bazi Consultation:

Live Consultation with Master Kevin Foong - $988

Online Consultation with Master Kevin Foong via Whatsapp, Skype or Wechat - $688

12 Months Bazi report delivered to your email - $288


Book An Appointment with Master Kevin Foong

A Bazi consultation session typically takes up to 45 minutes to 60 minutes per person. You can book for a bazi consultation session with Master Kevin Foong to discuss your Bazi, where he will analyse the following:

  • Address the immediate question you have in mind
  • The right industry that benefits you
  • Your relationship question / problems
  • For business owners, whether it is better to go for partnership or by yourself
  • Your potential health issue
  • Your auspicious years

Alternatively, you can purchase the Bazi Report which contains 12 months analysis of what is ahead so you can plan for maximum success with a clear direction.


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