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See how the 12 animal sign forecast fared in 2020, year of the Metal Rat. As 2019 has been a turbulent year for many, it is important to navigate through 2020 with guided advice. After all, making the best decision is only possible when you know what's ahead of you. Master Kevin has guided hundred of thousands of people both online and offline through his live training. Bazi are the key to diagnosis, and Feng Shui are the solutions.

See the Year 2020, Metal Rat 12 Animal Forecast 

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May 07, 2020

Hi, I’m born on 14 Oct 1983.
Been trying to know what element of job suits me most when I tried alot doesn’t works.
Character issues or not the time yet for me?


May 07, 2020

Dear Master Kevin,
My name is Margot Miles born April 4, 1962 time of birth 8:30pm and married to
Bryan Miles born April 30, 1960 time of birth 6:01
We need your help so bad. We moved to North Carolina 2007 from California.
Since living in North Carolina our life has been going downhill income went down
to the point that there will be times that we can’t pay our mortgage.
My income dropped almost half and was unemployed had deep depression for
a year.
Since then I was reading a lot about Feng Shui and made the necessary adjustments
accordingly. It helped a little but there is always something that draws us back one step behind.
Last From Sept 27 to Dec 3 I was in a string of accidents at work. The worse was the Dec 3
where I fell and had concussion to the head at work. To this date I am still in treatment for
physical therapy and Neuropsychology therapy.
I would like to request for a BAZI for me and my husband.
I can send you our floor plan and maybe you could give us some suggestions
on some feng shui cures I will really appreciate it.
Thank you.
Margot Miles

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