2021 Flying Star Feng Shui For Your Home & Office Guide

2021 Flying Star Chart

Using The 2021 Flying Star For Your Home & Office Feng Shui

Using the concept of Xuan Kong Flying Stars, we can study the energy mapping of its different influence that arrives at our home and office. The energy strictly follows the 24 solar terms and the 2021 Flying Star energy mapping commence right after 3 February 2021 22:58:39. 

There are many different system of Feng Shui school such as San Yuan Feng Shui vs San He Feng Shui (3 Combination). Each has its unique application. For San Yuan, one of its subset is the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star, which shows the energy influence for each direction that changes every year. There is also the Monthly Flying Star charts that can influence the energy. It is worth noting to check the energy of your main door sector. Remember, your house facing and main door sector are 2 different aspect. A house can be facing North, but having their main door in the North West sector. The flying star energy applies when there is four walls within a room, thus it is better to use a grid model vs a pie chart to map the energy sphere within your house.

Let’s study the 9 Stars energy for 2021, the year of Xin Metal Ox, 辛丑.

Star 1 (South) Supporter & Benefactors – The Star 1 represents supporters and benefactor lucks and is an auspicious star. One can use this sector frequently by having your working desk re-locate to the South. You can also use the “South” sector of your living room.

Star 2 (North) Sickness – The Star 2 is an illness star. If your bed room is located in the North sector of your house, you will experience higher frequency of falling sick. Part of the solution can be shifting your bed to a different sector.

Star 3 (SouthWest) Conflict – The Star 3 represent conflict and quarrelsome energy and resides in the SouthWest for 2021. Staying in this sector for too long, you will be influence with bad temper and unable to seek mental clarity.

Star 4 (East) Academic & Popularity – The Star 4 is an academic star and is especially good for children to tap onto as their study desk sector. For those that want to increase their likability and popularity, you can consider relocating your work area to the East sector.

Star 5 (SouthEast) Disaster – The Star 5 is one that represents disaster and misfortune and should not be activated. For 2021, the star 5 resides in the SouthEast sector. It is reminded that one should not perform renovation, trigger loud sound in this sector.

Star 6 (Center) Authority – The Star 6 assist one with promotion opportunities as well as increase one personal influences. It is located right in the center. One can use the center of your living room or your study room to tap onto this auspicious energy.

Star 7 (NorthWest) Robbery – The Star 7 represents robbery and violence and for 2021, it occupy the North West sector. You would have to pay more attention to prevent wealth loss if you are based in the Northwest sector of your house or bedroom.

Star 8 (West) Wealth – The most auspicious wealth Star 8 resides in the West sector. This allows one to be able to leverage on more opportunities, increases one’s earning capability, investment and passive wealth. 

Star 9 (NorthEast) Prosperous – As the early heaven energy of period 9 has already commenced since 2017, the official period 9 energy will commence on year 2024. The Star 9 is regarded as a prosperity star which can assist one with great outcome. In 2021, it resides in the NorthEast sector of your house.


Negative Energy To Pay Attention To

5 Yellow 五黄, 廉贞星 (112 – 157.5 degree) – The 5 Yellow Star 5 occupied the SouthEast sector, one must not trigger unnecessary renovation in this sector, else it will be spell disaster for the whole family.

Three Killing 三煞 (52.5 – 127.5 degree) – The 3 Killing negative energy consist of Robbery Sha 劫煞, Disaster Sha 灾煞, and Setbacks Sha 岁煞 . The 3 killing energy resides mostly in the East sector. It can cause massive financial destruction when activated. Activation can be caused by renovation, hammering the sector or loud noise and music. 

Grand Duke 太岁 (Tai Sui) [22.6 – 37.5 degree] – The grand duke Tai Sui occupied the NE1 direction out of the entire North East. This sector should be left quiet as much as possible without triggering the negative aspect of it. When one offend the Tai Sui energy known as 犯太歲 , expect a lot of unnecessary resistance in your life and career.

Year Breaker (Sui Po) [202.5-217.5 degree] – The Year Breaker otherwise known as Sui Po is found at the opposite of the Grand Duke. The effect of the Year Breaker serve as opposing the energy of the year which constitute negative influence in our life when triggered.

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