2020 Flying Star Guide

2020 Flying Star Chart


Do note that this energy is only activating from 4 February 2020. Flying star is simply a techniques to map internal energy of the house. The most important aspect of Feng Shui is technically still the external land form of the house or building in all its eight direction which controls 60% of it. Internal house energy mapping can still assist with 40% of the Feng Shui auspiciousness.

NorthEast (Star 1)

If you want to tap onto additional help from powerful people, it is best to allocate your sitting position to this sector. This is simply one of the best nobleman stars out there.

South (Star 2)

The South is the sector one should not stay in for too long as it has the sickness star that causes illnesses as well as the Three Killing and Year Breaker energy.

North (Star 3)

The North has the 3 star which governs argument and quarrelsome energy. If your bed is tapping onto this direction in the room, you would have to manage relationship with your spouse and loves one.

SouthWest (Star 4)

The 4 Star that governs academic and knowledge is perfect for a conducive learning environment. Best to position your child study table or use this for meditation and healing.

East (Star 5)

The East sector has the fearsome 5 Yellow stars that governs disaster and misfortune energy. It is best to avoid at all cost.

SouthEast (Star 6)

The Star 6 that governs career advancement, authority and influence is  best use for your career. Have your desk place in your sector in your home or office.

Center (Star 7)

The Robbery star that governs conflict and loss of wealth sits in the center of the household, it is better not to activate this energy through loud music or loud noise. Having your fish tank in the center of the house is not advisable either.

NorthWest (Star 8)

The 8 star that governs Wealth fly to the NorthWest sector this year. If your main door is allocated here, or your office desk is position to tap onto this sector, it is easily to have a fruitful year for financial gains and investment.

West (Star 9)

The West sector governs the prosperous 9 star which is good for future investment and planning. Place your office desk in this sector to tap onto great ideas.


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