2017 Feng Shui Tips for Home

As a classical San He Feng Shui practitioner, there are three directions in a year where we are not allowed to do renovation in the house. Simply because these three directions governs the negative energy ground digging will trigger obstacles, disaster and misfortune if these sectors are being renovated on.

2017 Flying Star Chart

2017 Flying Star Chart

2017 5 Yellow (Wu Wang) Direction

The first direction we looked is the Five Yellow (Wu Wang) direction. In Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, the 5 Yellow star is one of the 9 Flying Star which occupies 45 degrees of the compass direction and moves in a cyclical path based on the Lo Shu. In Feng Shui, the 5 Yellow is the most disastrous star that bring challenges, obstacles and misfortune. One should be careful in the year when the 5 Yellow stars arrive at the main door. In some cases, Feng Shui masters might recommend moving out of the room that has the 5 yellow arrive in that sector. In 2017, the 5 Yellow Star arrives in the South direction.

2017 3 Killing (San Sha) Direction

Next negative energy speak of the 3 Killing. The Three Killings is one of the major annual afflictions in Feng Shui and it is of utmost important that the ground or location in which the Three Killings resides during the year should not be disturbed at all costs. Otherwise, the household will meet with three types of misfortune.

The San Sha is a deadly combination of three Sha, namely the Year Sha (Sui Sha), Robbery Sha (Jie Sha) and Disaster Sha (Zai Sha). Obstacles that set you back may be caused by the Year Sha; wealth losses may be due to Robbery Sha and frequent mishaps and misfortunes could be brought on by the Disaster Sha.

2017 Grand Duke (Tai Sui)

The Grand Duke is considered the Year Star and its position is represented by the earthly branch of the year.

2016 is the year of Yang fire Monkey and Grand Duke will sit in the southwest again although sited between 232.5 – 247.5 degrees.

2017 will be the year of the Yin Fire Rooster and Grand Duke will sit in the west (262.5 – 277.5)

How to know if you can renovate your house?

Find out the degree and direction of your house sitting. Measure your main door from outside your house using a chinese compass (Luo Pan) or you can based on your compass apps from your phone, though accuracy may differ due to frequency. Based on the arrow of where it show, in San He Feng Shui that is considered the “Sitting” of your house where your house seated on.

2017 Feng Shui House

When your house is sitting in any of these three directions, it is strongly advisable not to renovate your house (even drilling into the wall is considered activation of the energy). If you have no choice but have to start renovation, you would at least have to select a good auspicious date (not through Tong Shu as that is considered a beginner level of date selection) to begin the renovation, but it is advisable not to move in for one year as not to be affected by the negative energy.

The 3 Disastrous Direction for 2016

5 Yellow – NorthEast
Three Killing – South
Grand Duke – SouthWest (between 232.5 – 247.5 degree)

The 3 Disastrous Direction for 2017

5 Yellow – South
Three Killing – East
Grand Duke – West (between 262.5 – 277.5 degree)

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